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Introducing Exetel Mobile

If you’ve spent any length of time shopping around for a mobile phone provider recently, you’ll know how confusing it can all get, and how hard it can be to find that perfect combination of superb value, excellent service and flexible choices. As one of Australia’s leading independent communications providers, Exetel has you covered when it comes to mobile plans – and at prices that will surprise you.

What Makes Exetel Mobile Unique?

Across all the fields in which Exetel provides communications services, they’ve aimed to put the customer first and keep prices low, and with their mobile phone plans they’ve done exactly that. But in a market where there’s a ton of competition on price, Exetel offers something else the others don’t – a huge amount of customer choice. Whether it’s a little bit of data, a lot to last you the month, or a huge allowance for video streaming, Exetel’s got a SIM only plan to suit.

All current Exetel mobile plans have no lock-in contract – and they all come with unlimited calls and texts within Australia (some even offering international as well!) No matter which plan you choose, you’ll be backed by Exetel’s legendary customer service and support, as well as the power of the nationwide Optus 4G Plus and 3G networks.

All of Exetel’s mobile phone plans are SIM-only – bringing your own phone means you’re getting the cheapest possible plans!

Exetel’s 4G Mobile Plans

With smartphones now an essential component of our busy lives, a fast 4G data connection is vital – as is a data limit that suits our needs at a price we can afford. Exetel ticks all the boxes with its 4G plans, with five of them available. Every plan has unlimited calls and texts within Australia, while the top three plans add an allowance for international calls as well.

The value end of the plan collection is the 2GB offering at only $8.99 per month, which makes it perfect for anyone who doesn’t use a lot of data, but wants their data nice and snappy when they do. If you’re mainly on Facebook, Instagram, web sites and email, this should do just fine. But if more data’s in order, Exetel’s plans offer increasing amounts of it – 3GB, 6GB, 10GB and a massive 18GB. That big-data plan comes with $500 of international call value as well, for only $29.99 per month with no lock-in contract. For the data-hungry mobile user, that’s value that’s hard to beat.

Exetel’s Maxi 3G Mobile Plans

For those that need more data than most ordinary mobile phone plans can handle, Exetel’s got something that might be just what you’re looking for – especially if you’re the sort of mobile user that watches a ton of video while out and about. The Maxi 3G plans run, as the name suggests, on the Optus 3G network – so while you won’t get the blazingly fast download speeds of 4G, it’s plenty capable when it comes to to streaming video, and allows big data at lower prices. Two plans are offered – a 30GB plan for $49.99/month, and a massive 90GB plan for $79.99/month. Both plans feature unlimited calls and texts within Australia and of course, no lock-in contract.

What About Mobile Broadband?

If you’re in need of a SIM for your tablet or your 4G modem so you can keep connected on your larger devices while out and about, Exetel’s data only mobile broadband plans are a great solution. Available either month to month or on a 12-month contract, these plans deliver large data allowances on the Optus 4G Plus network for responsiveness and speed. The data allowance you get depends on whether or not you go for a 12-month contract, with the contract plans offering between 8GB and 90GB per month, and the month-to-month plans ranging from 5GB to 70GB. Price ranges for both contract and month-to-month are the same – from $19.99 to $79.99 per month.

Contacting Exetel

You can get in contact with the Exetel customer service team just by heading to the nearest phone and calling 13 39 38. If you’re ordering a new Exetel mobile SIM, the hours are between 8am and 8pm weekdays, and 10am to 7pm on weekends. Technical support is available from 8.30am to 11pm every day, while enquiries about order status, paying a bill or billing issues can be handled on weekdays between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

Exetel Mobile Review

One of the brand names that’s stood the test of time in a crowded and competitive communications market is Exetel — a company that’s resisted selling out to the big corporations, instead preferring to keep things Australia-based and customer-focused. Since they started offering broadband services 15 years ago — and then mobile services as well — they’ve won a lot of praise fo the great value of their plans, their up-front customer service and the quality of their products.

Exetel Mobile Review

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