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Introducing Exetel Broadband

Home broadband has come a long way in the past decade or so – from the simplicity and limitations of ADSL, Australia has branched out into newer, faster technologies with the building of the National Broadband Network (NBN), which encompasses multiple different connection types. Alongside the NBN are a group of private companies operating fast fibre optic broadband networks which can be the only choice for some in certain areas. With a decade and a half of experience in providing broadband to the breadth of Australia, Exetel is ready to get you hooked up to broadband no matter what your connection needs.

What Makes Exetel Broadband Unique?

The NBN has seen dozens of broadband providers, big and small, come into the market offering similar plans at similar prices. That’s not surprising with the NBN, as there’s very little room for competition on price. And with most users opting for unlimited data in an age where streaming TV and huge downloads virtually require it, the price is going to be the headline item for many.

A forward-looking company, Exetel offers a range of broadband plans on the NBN at what are surprisingly low prices, but beyond that, they provide something many companies can’t – attentive customer service, drawn from years of experience at call centres that display their wait times on the Exetel web site for all to see. There’s no endless waiting on hold for a human to answer – you know exactly how long it’ll be!

Exetel also offers broadband via some of Australia’s most prominent fibre network providers, which gives those tied to those services real choice when it comes to plans and value.

Exetel’s NBN Plans

Keeping things nice and simple for the NBN – the way it should be – Exetel offers plans at only two NBN speed tiers – 50 Mbps, which is plenty fast enough for multiple 4K streams and everyday usage by multiple people in a household, and 100 Mbps (where available) which is perfect for those that want the fastest downloads and uploads possible.

Data allowances are available in three tiers – 100GB, 500GB or unlimited, but the price difference between the three at the 50 Mbps level is minimal – with the unlimited NBN plan coming in at a keen $59.99 per month on a 12-month contract. All of the contract plans also come with a free, high-quality wi-fi modem that comes configured and ready to go with your NBN service.

Month-to-month no contract plans are, of course, also available, though they cost a little bit more and the modem becomes an optional extra at a very reasonable $59.

As the traditional home phone line is replaced by the NBN, those who still want a home phone service can have it for an extra $10 per month on all Exetel NBN plans. That package comes with unlimited local, national and mobile calls, along with unlimited calls to ten international destinations including the UK, US New Zealand and Canada. For those with friends or family overseas, it’s especially great value.

Exetel’s NBN plans are guaranteed to run at the line speed reported by the NBN. If your service ends up not being capable of the speed you’re paying for, Exetel will automatically put you on a slower speed plan and refund any difference that you’ve paid.

Exetel’s ADSL Plans

People still connected via ADSL are covered by Exetel’s $54.99/month unlimited-data ADSL plans, with options available for a 12-month contract or month-to-month. Those going on contract get a free NBN-ready modem and the first two months’ access completely free as well. Month-to-month customers get the first month free, and can optionally purchase the modem.

When the NBN arrives in your area, Exetel can migrate you to the new network seamlessly and free of charge, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Both of Exetel’s ADSL plans come with a copper home phone line with pay-as-you-go calls. When you migrate to the NBN your home phone service will come along as well, including your existing phone number.

Exetel’s Fibre Plans

Residents of apartment buildings and housing estates that have been built with a private fibre network as the means of internet access will be happy to see some choice when it comes to the provider they can use – and Exetel has partnered with five fibre networks to make that happen. If your home is served by OptiComm, LBNCo, OPENetworks, FTTB or RedTrain, you’ll be able to get connected with an Exetel fibre plan that starts at $39.99/month (for 12 Mbps, 100GB  of data for basic users) through to $89.99/month for unlimited data at 100 Mbps (a speed these high-tech fibre networks can handle with ease).

Exetel fibre plans are available on a 12-month contract or month-to-month for the same price, with the no-contract option much more appealing for renters – but requiring you to bring your own modem and pay a modest $59 activation fee.

Exetel Wireless Broadband Plans

For those in difficult to reach areas without proper fixed-line broadband coverage, Exetel offers home wireless broadband via the Optus 4G Plus network. Running at 12 Mbps speed, it provides a solid, reliable and portable broadband solution that doesn’t break the bank.

On a 12-month contract, Exetel mobile broadband costs $39.99 with a free wi-fi modem (required for using the service). Without the contract, the monthly cost is exactly the same, but the modem will cost you a one-off $99 charge.

Contacting Exetel Customer Service

Exetel’s friendly customer contact team can be reached by calling 13 39 38 from any Australian phone. If you’re ordering a new Exetel broadband service and want to do so in person rather than online, the hours are between 8am and 8pm weekdays, and 10am to 7pm on weekends. Technical support is available from 8.30am to 11pm every day, while enquiries about order status, paying a bill or billing issues can be handled on weekdays between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

Exetel Broadband Review

Australia now has heaps of internet service providers on the local landscape – but you might have to try hard to find another quality Aussie telco, which is still family owned and operated! From humble beginnings, Exetel has now grown across the country and provide telecommunications services for over 120,000 Australians — and 12,000 business users. These statistics and their growing reputation means they can certainly claim to be Australia’s biggest independent internet service provider.

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