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Introducing Click Broadband

What does Click Broadband Offer?

The increasingly competitive broadband market – driven by the ongoing rollout of the National Broadband Network – has brought some genuine competition into play in the field for the first time, and customers often end up reaping the benefits of it. Click Broadband, backed by years of experience and one of the largest telecommunication networks in the world, is set up to achieve two key things – service quality and low prices.

It’s a “customer first” approach from end to end with Click Broadband, as they do away with the annoying and outdated staples of the industry altogether. There are no connection fees for Click’s services, and no lock-in contracts to tie you down to the service. Click Broadband offers customer contact support seven days a week, and you’re never going to run short of quota when streaming, downloading, playing or browsing, since each and every NBN broadband plan comes with genuinely unlimited data.

To provide a full communications service to customers that still want to keep a home phone active, Click operates a VOIP-powered phone service that costs as little as $10 a month with all local and national calls included.

And for new customers that decide to give Click Broadband a try there’s a very nice reward – the first six months of the service comes with a discount, making the most affordable NBN broadband on the market even more affordable.

Keeping their eye on the market to make sure they continue to bring the keenest value to their new and existing customers, Click Broadband rates highly on consumer review sites for a reason – when they say they put the customer first, they absolutely mean it.

Do I Get A Modem When I Sign Up for Click Broadband?

By default, when you sign up for the Click Broadband NBN service you opt to use a modem that you already have. However if you need a new one – or if your NBN service type means you need a modem that’s compatible – Click has a couple of Netcomm options to choose from that you can buy outright. If you opt to sign up for Click on an 18-month contract (which is completely optional – the default is no contract at all) you can get one of the modems at a substantial discount.

Do I Need a VOIP Modem for the Click Broadband Home Phone Service?

Generally, yes you do – like most VOIP based home phone services, Click Broadband’s needs a modem that is capable of handling VOIP connections and has a socket to plug a standard  telephone into. However, if you’re lucky enough to be in an area that has FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) NBN, you’ll find a phone port on the NBN box itself, which you can use to connect your home phone to. Thanks to this, FTTP users won’t need a modem or router with separate VOIP support – it’s all handled by the NBN box.

Contact Click Broadband

Click Broadband offers 7-day support services. To reach their call centre, simply call 1300 254 255 from your mobile phone — available from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 10:00 pm AEST.

Click Broadband Review

It’s a bold claim to advertise that you’ve got the cheapest unlimited-data plans in Australia, but that’s exactly what Click Broadband is claiming. And they may be right, too — there’s serious value to be found here.

Click Broadband FAQs

Do I Need to Cancel My Old Phone Service?

If you’re connecting to Click Broadband for NBN internet only, you’ll need to contact your previous provider to cancel the service if you no longer want to use it, or want to cancel an ADSL service but keep your home phone. If you’re signing up for Click Broadband’s home phone service as well, though, wait for your number to be ported over to Click before doing anything else.

Is There a Contract Discount?

While you can sign up to Click Broadband on an 18-month contract (instead of a no-contract month-to-month plan), there’s no additional discount on broadband plans for doing so. Where there is a discount, though, is in the price of the optional Click-supplied modems, which are substantially cheaper if you opt to take up an 18-month contract.

Is There a Cancellation Charge?

If you’re on the month-to-month plan, there’s no penalty for cancelling – though if you do so in the first six months you’ll forfeit the remaining months of discount you had lined up. The only requirement is that you give 30 days’ notice before cancelling, and pay any outstanding phone charges if you’re using the VOIP phone service.

Can I Manage My Click Broadband Account Online?

Yes! A full set of tools for managing your account and its plans and phone usage can be found by just clicking “My Account” at the top of every page on the Click Broadband website.

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Click Broadband Offers

$10 discount for the first 6 months. Offer ends 28/02/2019.
on the Ultimate Plus plan with Unlimited Data
No contract
$15 discount for the first 6 months. Offer ends 28/02/2019.
on the Ultimate plan with Unlimited Data
No contract
$10 discount for the first 6 months. Offer ends 28/02/2019.
on the Basic plan with Unlimited Data
No contract
$15 discount for the first 6 months. Offer ends 28/02/2019.
on the Standard plan with Unlimited Data
No contract