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Founded in 2000, the Boost Mobile brand is a familiar one to many, with the distinctive orange logo an eye-catching reminder of the company’s presence in the prepaid mobile field. Originally operating through the Optus network, in recent years Boost has switched over to the Telstra 4G network – with all the coverage and quality benefits that brings.

One thing they’re determined to stick to, though, is the simplicity and affordability of their prepaid plans, with a big emphasis on the data component. With so many people spending their lives online no matter where they are – sending videos and photos, watching YouTube and Netflix, playing games and sending messages back and forth at lightning speed – having a decent data allowance is a real selling point for a prepaid plan.

Boost sticks to unlimited calls and texts within Australia for all of its plans, but adds a set of ten international destinations for unlimited calling and texting on the two higher plans, making them instantly great value for those who just want to talk and text without counting the minutes. Those top two plans offer huge data allowances, too, adding an extra gigabyte every weekend to top you up – a feature unique to Boost.

Boost’s top two plans add unlimited talk and text to Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, the UK and the USA. For all other countries, you won’t be able to call them at all unless you purchase a weekly $10 “bolt-on” pack, so if you’re a frequent international caller or texter, be sure to do the math to see if Boost is the right provider for you. If you’re frequently calling friends or family in any of the ten included countries, though, it’s a bargain.
Yes – since moving over to the Telstra network, Boost has been able to offer access to Australia’s largest 4G network, with all the speed and coverage benefits that brings. If you’ve got one of the latest smartphones, you’ll be able to access speeds that often exceed the best offered by the NBN – and thanks to the big data caps on offer, you’ll be able to make full use of it!


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Boost Mobile FAQs

You can order a SIM online directly from the Boost web site – they’re available either as a $2 SIM with no credit attached, or as a $40 SIM pre-loaded with 28 days of unlimited national and overseas calls and up to 9GB of data. They’ll ship it to you for free, and if you’re in a major city you’ll get it the next day. Boost’s SIMs are also available at major retailers Australia-wide, making it super-easy to get hooked up in no time.
Yes, they can – though the range is limited to a trio of budget smartphones ranging from a $49 Android-powered bargain to a $199 Samsung 4G model.
Yes there are! Boost regularly offers special deals for its customers, including two-for-one vouchers for a range of phone-camera-worthy activities ranging from bowling to kite-surfing to… jetpacks! Student discounts are also on offer, as is a deal with Audible for a 95c/month 3-month membership.

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