CompareTV is made up by some of the world’s finest creatives. Our team of writers love what they do and it shows. From sports to cinema and games to lifestyle, there’s nothing our team can’t write about.

CJ Cusack

CJ has a deep passion for all things streaming and gaming. With a decade of experience in tech writing and research, he specialises in making complex technical topics easy to understand. 

Kelly Hamilton

Kelly Hamilton

Kelly has long been involved with freelance writing and digital media, mostly covering lifestyle and entertainment, even before being a part of the CompareTV team.

Andrew Herron

Andrew Herron

A veteran of both print and online media, Andrew has nearly three decades of experience writing about the worlds of technology, communications and entertainment.

Sean Leonard

Sean Leonard

Sean Leonard is a self-confessed sport, film and music nut. His writing career has spanned 15 years in both print and digital media. He started out working as a junior music journalist straight out of college at his local newspaper, before heading to London, providing PR content for UK record labels. More recently he has been involved with leading sports and fashion brands.

Elliot Nash

Elliot Nash

With a background in broadcast news and television, Elliot brings almost a decade of knowledge to the team. He specialises in content optimisation and content ideation across Compare TV.

Jena Pelino

Jen is a writer and a parent who divides her time between work and caring for a little person and her cats. She constantly runs errands and finds solace in the fact that it all equates to burned calories.

Alex Plesa

Alex Plesa is a freelance writer specialising in all things digital media. She initially started out as a journalist where she had 5 years worth of experience, before becoming an online content writer.

James Preston

James Preston

James is an experienced journalist from Sydney, Australia covering a wide range of media including radio, TV, print, and all things digital. He recently joined the CompareTV team and contributes as a writer.

James Salmon

James Salmon

James is a sports writer from Melbourne, having contributed to a variety of publications covering a range of sports including basketball, cricket, Australian Rules, golf and surfing to name a few.

Amrita Shinde

Amrita Shinde

Amrita is a writer from Auckland, New Zealand covering telco reviews, tech, the life changing benefits of meditation and some expressive poetry. She contributes to the telco component for CompareTV, along with broadband and mobile content.

Dan Wighton

Daniel Wighton is a writer, journalist, editor and translator from Far North Queensland. Daniel is a relatively recent addition to the CompareTV team’s broadband and mobile divisions.



Anand is a freelance writer and published author. He eats, sleeps, breathes movies and tv shows. But is yet to watch a single episode of Game of Thrones. He is also a closeted Gunners fan (until they win the Premier League again).

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