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The first company to set up shop in Australia after the deregulation of the Australian phone market, Optus has since grown to be one of the country’s top two providers of phone and internet services. With their own extensive mobile phone network constantly expanding and improving, they were the first provider in Australia to offer fast 4G mobile services and continue to expand 4G coverage across the country, now taking in over 700 regional centres as well as the capital cities.

Optus pioneered the concept of providing value to their mobile customers by bundling extra services with their plans, offering everything from bonus data to free bundled items ranging from phone accessories to outright phone upgrades. They also offer access to their streaming English Premier League football coverage as part of their mobile plans, as well as the 2018 World Cup live and across multiple platforms, making them a definite go-to choice for fans of the world game.

Optus can provide customers with a full range of choices when connecting to a new service – you can bring your own phone and get onto a contract, month-by-month or prepaid plan, or grab yourself one of the latest smartphones from a huge range on a 2-year contract.

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The Optus 4G Plus Network

Supporting the very latest smartphones, Optus’s 4G Plus network led the industry in speed when it was launched, and it just gets faster as the hardware catches up. With one of the latest generation of phones, the network supports data speeds substantially faster than even the full-fibre NBN, and thanks to Optus’s constant expansion of 4G Plus coverage, you’ll get those speeds in many more places.

Optus Mobile Review: Optus Mobile

Offering a comprehensive range of plans and prices and a gigantic network that’s had millions spent on it for advancements and improvements, Optus is a great choice for those who want to pair the latest smartphones with a love for calling and texting around the country and all around the world. For some, the addition of access to English Premier League football live streams will just be the icing on the cake.

Optus Mobile Review

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Optus Mobile FAQs

Can I upgrade my phone to a new model during a contract?

Yes, thanks to Optus’s New Phone Trade-Up Option, you can – you just need to pay a $99 fee and hand over your old handset, and you will get a brand new model on a fresh 24-month plan with no penalty for finishing the old contract early. You can also pay out the remaining repayment cost of your current phone and keep it when trading up to a new one, if you prefer.

Is there unmetered data for streaming with Optus?

If you love your music, then you’ll be a very happy person indeed with Optus, as they offer completely unmetered data usage on Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and iHeart Radio. Using any of those services, you can stream all the music you want for as long as you want while out and about, and not lose a single byte off your monthly data allowance.

What is Data Pooling?

Optus’s introduction of “data pooling” is great for families that all have their own mobile services with their own data allowances, as it lets you add each service’s data allowance into one big pool that everyone can use – so you make the most out of all the data available across multiple devices. This service is also extremely handy for single people using both a phone and a 4G-connected tablet.

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