How to Get Netflix for Free

What? You want free Netflix? Has anyone told you it’s a paid subscription service? Oh, that’s why you want it for free. If the monthly subscription’s too steep for you, we might have the recipe to get Netflix for free!

The first thing you need to decide with Netflix is to how you want to access the service. There are many ways to stream Netflix – through a web browser, a mobile phone or tablet using Google Chromecast to watch on the big screen, or directly on a HDTV that has a Netflix app built in. There’s also Apple TV, Telstra TV and similar devices which can stream Netflix, or you can choose to stream through game consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, which come with the Netflix application ready to go.

You can also stream through many Blu-Ray Players that have the Netflix app built in. After heading to the website or loading the app, you can click the ‘Watch Free for 30 Days’ trial button and choose your plan. Then you’ll be asked to provide your credit card number. This will sign you up for the free service for the whole month and since your credit card is not billed at all for the first month, you’ll have free Netflix access to enjoy.

You can also sign up for a Netflix account without a credit card by using a Netflix prepaid card which you can buy from any supermarket or convenience store – but this is best done on a computer because the console applications only allow the users to sign in with one account.

After getting a prepaid gift card, you can sign up for the service using a different email address and will have to create a new user account if you have already signed up. But instead of providing your personal credit card information, you just enter the details of the prepaid gift card and voila! You’re signed up for a monthly free subscription to Netflix.

The only down side, of course, is that you’ll have to cancel your account each month and start a new one – but that’s the price of free! If you get tired of losing your favourites and your viewing history, at least the monthly subscription fee works out to less than a cup of coffee per week – and after you’ve enjoyed your free month you’ll probably decide that you’d rather have the Netflix than the coffee!


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