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What are the Best Shows to Stream on DocPlay?

If you love documentaries, then DocPlay is the streaming service you’ve been waiting for. Featuring hundreds of the world’s best documentary films and TV shows in the one place, streaming service DocPlay gives you unlimited access to an entire library of documentaries about everything from politics to pets, music to mystery, all with no ads and in high definition.

The low-cost monthly subscription gives you access to the entire library – and best of all, you can road-test DocPlay with a 30 day free trial, which opens up the whole vast library of shows for you to stream at home or on the go without paying a cent.

Check out the best TV Shows on DocPlay now.

  • Misconception
  • Last Call At The Oasis
  • Bill Withers – Still Bill
  • Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane
  • Joy Division
  • 20 Feet From Stardom
  • Andy Irons: Kissed By God
  • Basketball – A Love Story
  • The Aristocrats

Our Top Picks on DocPlay in September

Every month, we look at the many new films and TV shows added to DocPlay and pinpoint the ones you should be watching. These must-see docos are just a couple of the hundreds of titles covering all kinds of stories and subjects that you can stream, ad-free, on DocPlay.


For years we have been led to believe that world’s population has been growing and growing, so much so that it has become a cause for alarm. But is it actually the case? This documentary from Academy Award-winning director, Jessica Yu, follows three individuals and poses several intriguing questions about population rise in the developing world – and how women, in particular, are stemming the rise.

Last Call At The Oasis

A world without water would be a world without life. Our most precious resource is the focus of this hard-hitting documentary, which suggests that a global water crisis will be humanity’s biggest hurdle this century. We are encouraged to act now and given solutions in which we can use to avoid catastrophe in the coming decades.

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