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Last audited 27 Apr 2021

Kayo is Australia’s number one sports-dedicated streaming service delivering today’s biggest sporting events alongside game-changing documentaries. It’s the home of Australia’s most popular sports, from AFL and NRL to Cricket and Supercars, as well as some of the world’s best international tournaments. 

How it works

Kayo is unbeatable in terms of choice, with over 50 sports available to watch live and on-demand. Sign up and take advantage of Kayo’s 14-day free trial for instant access to the biggest sporting events.

What do you get with Kayo?

  • Stream in SD or HD
  • Key features include SplitView, Kayo Mini, Key Moments, No Spoilers
  • Compatible with mobile and tablet, web, Telstra TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and more
  • Thousands of hours on demand match-replays, live news, shows and docos

Kayo from Telstra Offer

Telstra customers can add a Kayo subscription into their account from only $15/month for the Basic plan. To watch three screens at once, sign up for Kayo Premium for only $25/month. Kayo from Telstra’s $10/month discount applies to a 12 month contract. This offer is available for new and returning Kayo customers with a Telstra postpaid account. Interested? Just click on the link below for instant access.

How to get Kayo for free?


Sign up to Kayo using this offer link.


Create your account and choose your plan.


Enjoy Kayo Free for 14 Days.

What’s streaming on Kayo


What’s on Kayo Sports This week: 9 Feb – 16 Feb

Live sport returns to Kayo – BBL, NBA, A-League, FA Cup, NFL & more. Kick it off with a 14 Day FREE Trial!

SportEventStream Start/Dropmm/dd/yy
Sports Tuesday11/05/2021 00:0105/11/2021 00:01
NBLHawks v 36ers11/05/2021 19:3005/11/2021 19:30
Sports Wednesday12/05/2021 00:0105/12/2021 00:01
A-LeagueBrisbane v Mariners12/05/2021 19:0005/12/2021 19:00
Sports Thursday13/05/2021 00:0105/13/2021 00:01
VFLGold Coast v Brisbane13/05/2021 19:1005/13/2021 19:10
Sports Friday14/05/2021 00:0105/14/2021 00:01
MotoGPFrench GP Practice #114/05/2021 17:4505/14/2021 17:45
NRLTigers vs Knights14/05/2021 18:0005/14/2021 18:00
AFLSt Kilda vs Geelong Cats14/05/2021 19:5005/14/2021 19:50
NRLSea Eagles vs Broncos14/05/2021 20:0505/14/2021 20:05
MotoGPFrench GP Practice #214/05/2021 22:0005/14/2021 22:00
Sports Saturday15/05/2021 00:0105/15/2021 00:01
AFLSydney Swans vs Collingwood15/05/2021 13:4505/15/2021 13:45
AFLHawthorn vs North Melbourne15/05/2021 14:1005/15/2021 14:10
NRLBulldogs vs Raiders15/05/2021 15:0005/15/2021 15:00
AFLGold Coast Suns vs Brisbane Lions15/05/2021 16:3505/15/2021 16:35
NRLSharks vs Rabbitohs15/05/2021 17:3005/15/2021 17:30
Moto GPFrench GP Practice #315/05/2021 17:4505/15/2021 17:45
AFLRichmond vs GWS Giants15/05/2021 19:2505/15/2021 19:25
AFLPort Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs15/05/2021 19:4005/15/2021 19:40
NRLRoosters vs Cowboys15/05/2021 19:4505/15/2021 19:45
Moto GPFrench GP Qualifying 15/05/2021 22:1005/15/2021 22:10
Sports Sunday16/05/2021 00:0105/16/2021 00:01
FootballFA Cup Final - Leicester City v Chelsea16/05/2021 02:0005/16/2021 02:00
FootballFA Cup Final - Leicester City v Chelsea Replay16/05/2021 12:0005/16/2021 12:00
AFLEssendon vs Fremantle16/05/2021 13:1005/16/2021 13:10
NRLWarriors vs Eels16/05/2021 13:5005/16/2021 13:50
AFLMelbourne vs Carlton16/05/2021 15:2005/16/2021 15:20
NRLStorm vs Dragons16/05/2021 16:0505/16/2021 16:05
AFLWest Coast Eagles vs Adelaide Crows16/05/2021 16:4005/16/2021 16:40
NRLTitans vs Panthers16/05/2021 18:2505/16/2021 18:25
FootballFA Cup Final - Leicester City v Chelsea Replay16/05/2021 21:0005/16/2021 21:00
MotoGPFrench GP Race16/05/2021 21:3005/16/2021 21:30
Sports Monday17/05/2021 00:0105/17/2021 00:01
MotoGPFrench GP Race Replay #117/05/2021 11:0005/17/2021 11:00
MotoGPFrench GP Race Replay #217/05/2021 16:3005/17/2021 16:30
Sports Tuesday18/05/2021 00:0105/18/2021 00:01

Times are LIVE and in AEST unless stated otherwise. Times are also subject to change.

Easily change your packs or cancel at any time
Easily change packs or cancel anytime

Kayo keeps things simple with just two packs – the Basic ($25/month), which lets you stream on two devices, and the Premium ($35/month), which lets you stream on three. Have your pack changed from one to the other for the next billing cycle whenever you need, or cancel anytime once a particular event has finished.

Stream Instantly with the Foxtel Now app
Watch up to four sports at the same time

With Kayo’s SplitView feature, you can watch up to four different sports at the same time on the one screen. Catch multiple live sports at the same time, or watch the same game from different camera angles, for the ultimate home sporting experience.

Watch on-demand sports now!
Enjoy live and on-demand sport!

All the sporting action you’d find on Foxtel can be found on the Kayo TV guide listing, including every round of AFL, A-League, NRL, NBA, Supercars and La Liga.

  • SplitView
    Stream up to 4 games at once in real time
  • Key Moments
    Jump straight to the events that changed the course of the game
  • Kayo Minis
    Bite-sized replays bringing you all the action in a few minutes
  • Interactive Graphics
    Get detailed insight into the game with exclusive statistics
  • No Spoilers!
    Hides all scores so you can stream a replay as if it were happening live
  • Search
    Type in what you’re looking for and go straight to your favourite sports
  • Interactive Stats
    Get live analysis and key stats on the biggest sports
  • On-demand
    Match replays, popular sport docos and other shows whenever and wherever
  • Multiple Cameras
    Watch multiple different camera feeds on demand, even on the same screen, with select events

Watch on any of these devices

Stream Kayo on any of these devices instantly:

Start streaming sports today!

Kayo Plans and Pricing

Kayo Plans

Main Event
  • Main Event
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Pay for events through Kayo Sports
  • Full access to all of Kayo for duration of event
  • starts at $20/ days
starts at $20/ days
cost per event, duration depends
Min Cost - Boxing and UFC from $50 per event

  • New Customers: 14 Day Trial
  • Basic
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • SD or HD, stream on two devices
  • Watch Live NRL, AFL, Super Rugby + more
  • $25/mth
$25/month after 14 days free trial; no lock-in contracts.

  • New Customers: 14 Day Trial
  • Premium
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • SD or HD, stream on three devices
  • Watch Live NRL, AFL, Super Rugby + more
  • $35/mth
$0 for two-week free trial, $35 for Premium subscription; no lock-in contracts.

Last audited 11 May 2021

What people are asking about Kayo Sports

  • Who Owns Kayo Sports?

A company called Streamotion owns and operates Kayo, which is why you’ll occasionally see references to things like creating and managing your Streamotion account. Streamotion is a part of the Foxtel group of companies, which is how Kayo gets access to all the content from Fox Sports.

  • How Much Does Kayo Cost?

The pricing for Kayo Sports is kept very simple and straightforward. It’s either $25/month for Basic (which allows streaming on up to 2 screens at one time) or $35/month for Premium (3 screens at a time). Telstra mobile customers who choose to add Kayo to their bill can get a $10/month discount off either of those plans for the first 12 months, and any Telstra customer who’s used the free AFL or NRL app access in the past can do even better, with 12 months of Kayo Basic for only $5 per month.

  • How Much Data Does Kayo Use?

While the exact amount of data you’ll use while streaming Kayo varies depending on what you’re watching and whether you’re using any of the special features (especially Split View) in general you should expect data usage to average around 3.25GB per hour. If you want to limit your data usage, you can set Kayo to stream in Standard Definition, which takes data usage down to 0.5GB per hour.

  • What Sports are on Kayo?

Thanks to its access to the full resources of Fox Sports as well as ESPN and beIN Sports, Kayo delivers over 30 sporting codes featuring multiple different leagues and competitions from Australia and around the world. If there’s a sport you follow, you’re almost certainly going to find it on Kayo. The 14-day free trial lets you check out the range of sports for yourself without spending a cent.

  • Does Kayo Work Overseas?

Because Kayo is the Australian licensee of the various sports that it streams from Australia and around the world, the service can’t be used from outside of Australia, even if you’re an Australian customer who’s travelling. Using a VPN to access Kayo from overseas is also not supported. Remember that as there’s no lock-in contract, you can pause your Kayo subscription if you’re heading overseas and seamlessly resume it when you return.

  • Can You Get Kayo on PS4 and PS5?

With a user base of nearly 3 million Australians, PlayStation 4 and its successor the PlayStation 5 are  hugely popular devices not just for games, but also for streaming video. Kayo is well aware of that, and has been working on PS4 and PS5 apps for Kayo which are expected to be released soon.

  • How Do You Get Kayo on Apple TV?

The versatile Apple TV is one of Kayo’s best-supported devices, and accessing Kayo on it is as easy as heading to the App Store app on the Apple TV itself. If you then move over to the “Apps” tab, you’ll see a list of the top free apps. Find the green Kayo logo in that list, click on it, and select “INSTALL”. You then just need to run the app from the Apple TV’s main menu and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

  • How Many Devices Can I Use with Kayo?

You can have as many compatible devices as you like set up to access your Kayo account, but the amount of them that can access Kayo at the same time depends on which Kayo plan you’re on. For Basic plan users, up to 2 devices can stream at one time; the Premium plan increases that to 3 at once.

  • How Do You Get Kayo on a Samsung TV?

The Kayo app for Samsung smart TVs works on all smart Samsung models released in 2017 and later. You can find it by pressing the Smart Hub button on your TV remote, then heading to the Samsung Apps tab. Find the green Kayo app icon and select Download Now. The Kayo app will then be added to your Smart Hub menu.

  • Does Kayo Have the Main Event Channel?

While the Main Event channel doesn’t always appear on Kayo, you can now order and stream events from the channel as they happen and watch them directly on Kayo. You don’t need to have a current Kayo subscription to watch. You can see what’s coming up and buy access to the events you want at Kayo Sports’ website.

  • Can You Record Kayo?

No – as a streaming service, Kayo doesn’t offer a recording feature at all. But it doesn’t need to, since all sports streamed by Kayo can be watched live, on delay “as live” or watched any time after the event has finished, complete with extra features for many sporting codes. On-demand replays are generally available for several weeks after the event, though how long depends on the particular sport.

  • Can You Get Kayo on Fetch TV or Xbox One?

Not at this stage; there have been plans mentioned to bring Kayo to Xbox One, with the company’s current roadmap looking at a release during 2021. For Fetch TV it’s unlikely there’ll ever be a Kayo app.

  • Can You Get Kayo on a LG Smart TV?

There’s no Kayo app for LG smart TVs just yet, though it’s possible there will be in the future. In the meantime, the best option for LG owners would be a dedicated streaming device that supports Kayo, such as the Telstra TV, the Apple TV 4 or Google’s Chromecast.

  • Does Kayo Have a TV Guide?

Because it’s designed to be used as a service focused on sporting codes and events rather than a TV schedule, Kayo doesn’t have a regular TV guide even though it offers some live channels. Instead, there’s a “Fixtures” menu which lays out what games are on when, code-by-code, making it easy to jump straight to what you want to watch.

  • How Can I Get Kayo Sports for Free?

Aside from the free 14-day trial which gives you access to all of Kayo Sports for free, you can actually access free months of Kayo if you’re a Telstra Plus member on the Silver or Gold tiers. Silver members get one month free, while Gold members get a full three free months of full Kayo access. Check your Telstra account page for details.

  • How Do I Cancel Kayo?

If you’re done with Kayo and want to cancel, head onto the Kayo web site and make sure you’re signed in. Click the menu icon at the top right, then click on “My Account”. Scroll to the bottom of that menu and click “Cancel Subscription,” then follow the prompts.

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Data charges from your provider apply. HD availability subject to your Internet service and device capabilities.

Sports included in plans
^Over 15,000 hours of on-demand sport including: Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Supercars, Formula1, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, American Football, Field Hockey, Baseball, Athletics, Darts, Skateboarding, Hockey, Rowing, Softball, Surfing, Volleyball, UFC, Lacrosse, Wrestling, Mountain Biking, Handball, Boxing, Gymnastics, Equestrian, Road Cycling, Sailing, Triathlon, Cheerleading, NASCAR, Rally Cars, Ice Skating, Figure Skating, Canoe Kayak, Dodgeball, Esports, Extreme Sports (Rock Climbing, Skate Boarding, BMX), Fishing, Fitness (World’s Strongest Man, Crossfit), Ice Hockey, Kick Boxing, Lawn Bowls, Life Saving, Motorsport (Bikes, Cars), Netball, Poker, Pool, Snooker, Tenpin Bowling, Rodeo, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Water Skiing, World Surf.

HD disclaimer:
*HD availabity subjects to yout internet service and divice capabilities

Concurrent devices note:
~Devices at the same time. Access the content from as many registered devices at you like. However a user can only view the content from a maximum 2 devices (on the standard plan) or 3 devices (on the premium plan) at the same time. From each device you will be permitted to view split screen: up to 2 split screens on mobile, up to 4 split screens on anything bigger than a mobile.