5 superhero movies we can't wait to see

5 superhero movies we can’t wait to see

With DC and Marvel announcing their line-up of movies for the next few years, it was hard to pick just five of those to include on our list here, but here are the films we cannot wait to see come to the big screen!

Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Ben Affleck’s already taken heat for donning the cape and cowl, and we haven’t yet heard a single line from Hollywood’s latest Caped Crusader. We think he’s going to do a great job and when he’s up against and competing with Henry Cavill’s Superman, there’s no limits as to just how far this movie could be pushed. With Wonder Woman also in the frame to get down and dirty with the big boys, we can’t wait to see just what this holy trinity of superheroes get up to in a year and a half’s time.

Suicide Squad (2016)

Though they’re more villains than superheroes, the members of the Suicide Squad are some of the most intriguing and versatile we could be treated to a movie about. Led by Amanda Waller, they’re prisoners who put their lives on the line to get dangerous missions done. Their ‘talents’ have been recognised and though they’re a huge threat to society, it would be an awful waste to let them rot and not use them to the world’s advantage. Amanda knows that and has her control and manipulation down perfectly. Expect a lot of action from this flick.

Black Panther (03/11/2017)

Soon to make his first appearance in the next Captain America installment, Black Panther is Marvel’s first black lead superhero and he’s not one to play around with. Amazing concept art has already been revealed and with an array of abilities including acrobatics, superhuman senses, Olympian strength, speed, stamina, reflexes and agility, some tough baddies are gonna have to band up to take him down if they have any hope of bringing his heroic actions to an end. Plus, his alter ego is ‘T’Challa’ – could a name BE any cooler?

Captain Marvel (06/07/2018)

Marvel’s first female lead – and hasn’t it been a long time coming? Captain Marvel was the big surprise when third phase movies were being revealed, and though we probably would have preferred Black Widow to get her own title, this could be just as exciting, so long as it’s delivered well and sticks true to the gutsy role. We don’t want our female Captain Marvel dying in the first ten minutes and passing the torch on to a man, for example! Marvel have one chance to get this right – fans will be furious if they mess that opportunity up.

The Flash (2018)

Though we think it would have been better if the movie tied in with the television series – fronted by the incredible Grant Gustin – we’re interested to see just which direction it will go in and if they’ll take different villains and storylines to those included in the TV show. The Flash is perhaps one of the most complex superheroes of all time so with such a variety of avenues to explore and go down, could this be just the start of a huge string of future Flash movies? We certainly hope so.

Which superhero movies are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know!


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