Top 10 Animation Movies to Watch on Stan

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Whether your age is in single digits or you’ve far passed the era when you had a bedtime, animated movies can always put a smile on your face; regardless if you’re in their intended target audience or not.

With technology constantly evolving, we can now see some of the finest looking films come through in the online world, and streaming service Stan has a great selection to choose from if you’re looking to spend a day in watching feel-good flicks with the family, or cheering yourself up after a bad day.


Here are 10 animation movies you should be watching, all available to stream on Stan.

Shark Tale

Shark Tale has a strange plot to wrap your head around if you’ve not seen it in all its glory, but it’s one that’s worth it 10 times over, and not just to hear the likes of Will Smith and Robert De Niro in fish form. Whilst on the hunt, the son of a gangster shark mob boss is killed accidently, and the tragic event is used by his would-be prey Oscar so that he can become famous, known as the Shark Slayer.


Overcome with grief, brother Lenny rushes away from the scene, but when he and Oscar strike up a friendship that could benefit them both, just how long will the secret behind the Shark Slayer stay hidden?

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Kung Fu Panda

Jack Black returns to the world of animation to voice an obese and martial arts novice panda named Po who resides in the Valley of Peace. Despite his ‘condition’, Po finds himself chosen as the Dragon Warrior – a being that’s supposed to be powerful enough to receive the Dragon Scroll and defeat evil snow leopard Tai Lung.


A group known as the Furious Five are distressed at the decision made and so do their best to get the job done themselves, but will anybody be successful in bringing the manipulative and nasty Tai Lung to justice?



Four spoiled animals residing in New York Central Zoo have absolutely no idea just what wild life is all about. When they escape, unwittingly assisted by a group of hilarious and now familiar absconding penguins, they don’t know exactly what to expect. They eventually end up in Madagascar, amongst a clan of friendly and eccentric lemurs.


Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer and Sacha Baron Cohen are just four members of a stellar cast that bring to life an incredible movie for people of all ages.


Madagascar 2: Escape in Africa

The second movie in the Madagascar franchise did the impossible, in proving that a sequel can sometimes be just as good as the original. Here, our favourite characters attempt to fly back to New York City, only to crash-land at an African wildlife refuge where lion Alex is reunited with his parents.


With some hugely tough decisions ahead, just where will the gang end up when all is said and done?


Chicken Run

Running a struggling chicken farm in England, the Tweedys are a middle-aged couple who here act as the villains of the piece. They’re unaware of the immense intelligence their animals actually posses; and after the chicken coop finds out a member of their faction has been slaughtered for the Tweedys’ dinner, efforts are sped up in a bid to escape the farm.


This box office hit has won multiple awards and features an all-star cast including Mel Gibson, Timothy Spall and Julia Sawalha.


Bee Movie

Recently graduating from college, Barry B. Benson is a bee about to enter his hive’s Honex Industries honey-making workforce – an incredible honour to be bestowed upon any member of the hive. At first extremely excited, his attitude soon changes when he finds out that after choosing his job, it’ll become one that never can be changed.


Wandering off to a nearby city, he’s almost killed by a kind woman’s boyfriend, but when that woman – Vanessa – saves him, releasing him outside, he later returns to thank her, breaking the one sacred rule: that bees should never communicate with humans.



Loving life in his swamp and enjoying living in squalor, Shrek the ogre finds his bliss interrupted when other fairytale creatures are exiled to his land by the order of Lord Farquaad – a ruler who hates fairytales. Hoping to change Farquaad’s mind, Shrek takes along a talking Donkey as his companion so that he can find his way to Duloc.


This kick-starts an adventure for Shrek, who’s told by the Lord that if he wishes to regain his land back he must go and rescue Princess Fiona from a fire-breathing dragon. But things are never that simple, and the quest will change Shrek’s life forever.


Happy Feet

Mumble’s a penguin with a problem. Before he cracked out of his egg, he was dropped briefly, which meant he was unable to sing but could tap dance – something that in later life will be ridiculed by the elders in his group. Becoming isolated, he’s attacked by a leopard seal, but manages to escape, befriending a group of Adelie penguins which embrace his dance moves and welcome him into their group.


Finally finding somewhere he can actually call home, things are looking up for Mumble; however, there are more trials and tribulations for the youngster ahead.


The Lego Movie

As one of the most celebrated animation movies of recent time, the Lego universe sees wizard Vitruvius attempt to protect a superweapon form the evil Lord Business. Failing to do as he wishes, he instead prophesises that ‘The Special’ will find a Piece of Resistance capable of stopping the weapon from freezing the world forever. Almost nine years later, a construction worker named Emmet Brickowski could be the man Vitruvius prophesised about all those years ago. When he finds the Piece of Resistance after falling into a hole, he’s compelled to touch it and, in doing so, he experiences strange, vivid visions that lead to his passing out.


Awakening in the custody of Business’ lieutenant Bad Cop, Emmet begins one of the most dangerous yet exciting adventures ever experienced in the Lego universe.


Monsters Vs Aliens

After being struck by a meteorite on her wedding day, a woman’s transformed into a giant and becomes part of a team of monsters sent in by American government to defeat an alien mastermind who has plans of taking over the world. Not alone in her mission, she’s taken to a secret compound that the government has used to round up a group of monsters over the years – will this bunch of misfits be able to save the world from destruction?


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