This Walking Dead Drinking Game Might Turn You into a Zombie

So, with the return of The Walking Dead this week, everyone’s already excited. But what’s the one thing that’ll make the return of the biggest purveyor of the undead even more exciting? Booze, and lots of it. Pick a few rules from our drinking game ideas, and find yourself forgetting almost everything that actually happens in the episode. Hell, re-watching is half the fun anyway.

!DRINK RESPONSIBLY – We Don’t advise you do this, but thats entirely up to you!

The Rules:

1. Take a drink….every time Rick says “Carl”

And I don’t just mean every time he says it. I mean every time the magnificent mish-mash of letters and sounds- something like “CWALLURUUGHLUGH!”- comes out of Andrew Lincoln’s mouth, joyously knock back a swig. Once you’ve noticed this, you’ll never un-notice it.

2. Take a drink…every time someone sticks something through a walker’s head

Most of the Walking Dead drinking games I’ve come across suggest that you do a shot every time a zombie gets killed; that’s boring. Take a drink every time some gets up close and personal with a walker, preferably every time they put on their murder-grimace and stab their weapon of choice through the offending undead’s skull Double drink If it’s Michonne’s katana.

3. Take a drink…every time a dead character is mentioned

Something that I only really noticed recently is that The Walking Dead doesn’t just forget about characters of yesteryear. Knock back a shot every time someone brings up one of their dearly missed mainly to dull the pain of knowing that Herschel isn’t in the show any more (sobs).

4. Take a drink….every time there is dissent amongst the group

Christ, most of the second series seemed to be people disagreeing with each other to various degrees of seriousness. That internal conflict is one of the things that makes the show so fun to watch, and you’ll be damn sure you remember who argued with who about what if you’re doing shots every time they do. All bets are off when Carol is on-screen.

5. Take a drink…every time a fan theory is validated

Okay, so this might be one to carry out over the whole series as opposed to just the first episode, but we already know that the question of Terminus will be solved very early on. Everyone has their own opinions on everything in the series, and reading up on those is more fun than anyone will admit to. Finding out these fan theories are actually right, however? Even more fun.

6. Take a drink…when Rick is morally ambiguous

Basically the driving force behind the series at this point, the big question mark hanging over Rick’s place as the moral head of the group comes up a lot. Why not spice up the game with a few drinks every time Rick does something that could be for the right reasons….or could be for the wrong ones. Who knows? Not Andrew Lincoln, that’s for sure.

7. Take a drink…every time Daryl is a badass

Yeah, so this just involves chugging your drink every time Daryl is on screen (except if he’s sharing it with Beth). Problem?

Are you loving the new season of Walking Dead?


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