How to host a Game of Thrones themed wedding party (without the bloodshed!)

You’ve seen the Game of Thrones superfans host their own incredible themed wedding, and now we’ve got some perfect tips to ensure that your wedding reception could be one of the most memorable for everybody who attends.

With the fifth season of the critically-acclaimed series coming to screens later this year, the excitement is building, so if your special day is just around the corner and you’re looking for a theme, look no further. Here are our tips so that you can put on the best Game of Thrones wedding party on the planet.

The Invites

Handmade invitations are essential. Just don’t give them to a raven and expect a swift delivery. The best thing is there’s no need to be fancy about it, and you don’t even need to crack out a quill and pot of ink. In fact, a scruffy invitation may give a little authenticity! Remember to add your King or Queen’s seal and pop it in the post. Guests will be made-up at the effort you’ve gone to.

The Clothing

You can go full out and get the total package – and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look like Daenerys Targaryen on their wedding day? But if you’re hoping to infuse style whilst keeping to the theme and not completely transform you and your friends and family, there’s plenty of directions you could go in. Medieval style maxi dresses would look perfect if you’re tying the knot in the summer, and costume jewellery will provide the perfect accessories so that you look like you’ve just stepped out of King’s Landing. For the guys? Get your smartest pair of pants and a tunic and you’ll be all set.

The Music

Four seasons to-date means there’s four soundtracks to choose from – just make sure to emit The Rains of Castamere. You don’t want things to go the same way as the infamous Red Wedding. The rest of the tracks should be just fine.

The Feast

Make sure you break bread and salt with your guests early – unless you’re planning on betraying them later on in the night! The Gods look down on those who go against one of the oldest laws of hospitality. Walder Frey should be thanking his lucky stars that he hasn’t seen any ramifications for his actions just yet. If you aren’t deciding on breaking bonds and friendships, ensure you’re providing a feast for everybody – this is a good time for your eyes to be bigger than your belly! Think huge hams, racks of lamb, gorgeous roast chickens and more. There’s now even an official Game of Thrones cookbook with a foreword from George R. R. Martin – perfect for fans of the show. Oh, and remember the lemon cakes for any Sansa types. Just make sure you keep away from the pie and wine if you’ve been acting like King Joffrey…

The Decor

Dragon and wolf decals, candelabras, coasters – there’s plenty of merchandise available. Want a boozy night? Grab some Stark and Lannister shot glasses and get on it. Just don’t let your tipsy, loose lips let slip secrets from the books or show – those who haven’t caught up won’t thank you for spoilers!

The Party Games

Prepare a pop quiz – with questions obviously based on our favourite Westeros inhabitants. Make sure you’ve got great prizes for those who do the best! If you haven’t got the time to prepare something like that, there are board games available online for between three and six players per board. Perhaps a tournament to find out just who in your group of friends could rule over the Seven Kingdoms? And if the competition gets too tough? Off with their heads…

Everything Else

Someone annoying you? Channel your inner Cersei Lannister and leave them with a cutting remark whilst keeping a smile on your face. Looking for the best way to light up the venue? Make sure you have plenty of candles – they’ll also provide warmth. Remember, Winter is coming. And if you’ve got a cool $30,000 lying around, you can always buy your own replica Iron Throne.

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