The 8 funniest characters on Television ever

The 8 funniest characters on TV Right Now

Many TV characters have a huge fanbase. Some because they are very decent people who strive to make the world a better place, while others just have the ability to cheer us up on a weekly basis. Here are the funniest and wittiest characters on TV right now:

8- Eric Cartman – South Park

Even though he can be a bully and a horrible brat from time to time, nobody can deny how much Cartman is able to make us laugh. Let’s face it, without him nobody would still be watching South Park; he’s the main reason for the show’s success.

7- Sadie Saxton – Awkward

Sadie is also a bully and the dominant reason people still tune in to watch Awkward. Her snarky remarks and bitchy attitude never get old and she has a way of making us root for her despite the horrible things she says to everyone.

6- Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

Phil is neither witty nor mean like Cartman and Sadie are but he is still incredibly hilarious. He treats his kids in a very cool way which ultimately results in embarrassing them. Nonetheless, everyone on Modern Family is funny so we have to give them all credit.

5- Bonnie Plunkett- Mom

Allison Janney is playing the role of a recovering drug and alcohol addict who happens to be a really bad mother and grandma. Despite all the screw-ups she and her daughter make, and regardless of how horrible their situation is, Bonnie is capable of keeping a hilarious sense of humor which makes the show hysterically entertaining.

4- Gina Linetti – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina is one of the quirkiest characters on television; she’s unapologetically nonchalant and has very weird and honest communications skills. One of our favorite moments on Brooklyn nine-nine was the episode where she decides to integrate emojis in her everyday life.

3- Selina Meyer – Veep

Julia Louis Dreyfus’ character is at the same witty, intelligent, rude and idiotic. Honestly, nobody can pull off the complexity of this character better than her. Her line-delivery is genius and unpredictable which makes it more difficult for us not to laugh while watching Veep.

2- Ron Swanson – Parks And Recreation

At the beginning of Parks And Recs, Ron was considered the grouchy old boss who is too lazy to work and too careless to talk to anyone, but throughout the show he grew into an amazingly hilarious character who still hates most people but cares about the important ones. He’s an amazing person deep down and his love of food by itself cracks us up in every episode.

1- April Ludgate – Parks And Recreation

Just like Ron, April is known for being anti-social and careless. However, Aubrey Plaza’s portrayal of April is unique in a way that makes you fall in love with her. Her line delivery is hilarious and her affection towards dogs and her husband reminds us of her human side.


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