TV actors that never got the Emmys they deserved

Every year, our favourite actors and TV shows get honoured by an Emmy award nomination but only one of them wins in each category. That’s why it’s only natural that many actors get snubbed from a win despite how wonderful their performance was.

Here are some of those actors who deserved an Emmy award but never got it one:

1. Hugh Laurie – House M.D

In its eight-year run, House got a lot of critical acclaim essentially because of Hugh Laurie’s great portrayal of Gregory House. Still, he never won an Emmy which is quite disappointing considering he was nominated six times in the “Best Lead Actor In a Drama” category.

2. Kim Cattrall – Sex And The City

Kim was nominated five times but never won once. This is upsetting because her character Samantha Jones is probably the best part of Sex And The City and the actress has done a great job playing her. She delivers her lines in a great way which makes her character very hilarious.

3. Michael C. Hall – Dexter and Six Feet Under

He was nominated five times for Dexter and once for Six Feet under but still never won an Emmy. Both characters are very complex to play especially Dexter whom he made everyone root for regardless of the fact that he’s a serial killer.

4. Tatiana Maslany – Orphan Black

This is one of the biggest snubs in the past two years. Tatiana hasn’t even been nominated yet despite her brilliant performance on Orphan Black in which she plays more than six characters at the same time while never making us suspect that she’s the same person. Plus, sometimes she gets to play a character pretending to be another one which is as confusing as it sounds.

5. Martin Sheen – The West Wing

He played one of the greatest presidents on TV but never won an Emmy award. He was nominated six times and the award was always delivered to someone else. Six nominations is a great honor but he definitely deserved to win at least once.

6. Kerry Washington – Scandal

Kerry has been doing a remarkable job playing Olivia Pope on Scandal. She has to deliver several speeches (almost in every episode) and she always gets the job done perfectly. However, she was only nominated twice in the Emmys and was snubbed each time.

7. Eva Longoria – Desperate Housewives

Between the four housewives, Eva Longoria was the most underrated by the Emmys. She was never nominated for any even though she is the funniest one on that show. Desperate Housewives used to be considered a comedy show in the Emmys so she’s the one who deserved to get recognized the most.


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