The Top 6 TV Narrators

Many new shows this season are using narrators as a story-telling tool, such as A to Z, Selfie, The Affair, Jane The Virgin, Constantine.

Here’s a list of the six best narrators on television:

6. Mary Alice Young – Desperate Housewives

The concept is interesting enough to be on this list: a woman watching over her friends from her grave after she committed suicide. In addition, the lines she utters in the beginning and ending of each episode are usually either inspirational or funny (unfortunately they’re just fillers from time to time).

5. Dexter Morgan – Dexter

Dexter’s voiceovers work so well because most people are intrigued to find out what’s going on inside the head of a serial killer. Whenever he was fantasizing about killing someone, planning how to kill him or just getting pleasure from doing the act, he would speak whatever thought passes through his mind without sparing us any gory details.

4. Latin Lover Narrator – Jane The Virgin

Most critics agree that this is the only new show in which the narrator works so well and adds something to the table. In fact, he tells some of the characters’ backstory and keeps reminding us of events that has happened in previous episodes. Also, he’s a great source of humor; the narration is a great weapon that the writers use to make fun of the show’s soapiness and the unbelievably ridiculous storylines.

3. Amy Jellicoe – Enlightened

Everyone who has watched Enlightened admires its poetic and inspiring voiceovers. The protagonist Amy Jellicoe is a character who believes in the good in people and that she should contribute somehow in making the world a better place. However, she finds herself often disappointed by the ones surrounding her, from her mother to her colleagues, but still she never gave up believing in their higher selves. That’s why her voiceovers are beautiful, deep, inspirational and sometimes heartbreaking.

2. Carrie Bradshaw – Sex And The City

Carrie writes a column called “Sex And The City” and she usually narrates the material while typing. She uses her experiences to ask honest questions everyone is thinking about but is afraid to say out loud, or to share a certain idea she came to realize by herself or with a little help from her friends. Her voiceovers are usually clever, full of puns and very relatable.

1. Angela Chase – My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life is considered one of the most relatable teen dramas on television mainly because of its voiceovers. In fact, listening to the weird and slightly melodramatic thoughts of a teenage girl is the basis of this show; Angela describes her relationship with her parents, her crush to Jordan Catalano and her experiences with her friends in a manner that every teenager would comprehend and relate to. Watch some of the above on Foxtel see Foxtel Packages for more info.


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