Stan: The Top 5 series for 2015 that you cannot miss

Announcing their pricing of just $10/month, Stan is a brand new television and movie content provider that will allow consumers to stream their favourites straight to their various platform at the click of a few buttons.

We’ve seen the new advertisement from hilarious brand ambassador Rebel Wilson and with launch details expected in the near future, we’ve got the low down on the best series you’ll be able to catch on Stan’s service when it does eventually become available.

5) Nurse Jackie – final season

Since its premiere back in 2009, Nurse Jackie has become a staple in many people’s lives as the dark and satirical comedy-drama following the life of emergency room nurse Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco). Hoping to provide the best care possible for her many patients, she has to tackle the health-care system that seems to be crumbling to pieces around her.

In its final season, we’ll see Jackie deal with her arrest at the end of season six and drug addiction that’s crept back into her life, as well as Coop (Peter Facinelli) having to come to terms with Dr Carrie Roman’s (Betty Gilpin) revelation that she is pregnant with his child. With pressures coming from all angles for some of our favourite characters this is going to be a final string of episodes no fan could miss.

4) Mozart in the Jungle – season 1

One of Amazon Studios’ newest creations, this new series is inspired by Blair Tindall’s 2005 memoir detailing her various high-profile gigs in New York, including time in the orchestras of numerous critically-acclaimed Broadway shows.

Not afraid to throw you into the deep end of a world not many viewers will be familiar with, Mozart in the Jungle has no issue in allowing its fans a little taste of the big life for some of New York’s most sought after performers. Whimsical and smart, the show is unlike any other, unique in its approach and a definite must-see for anybody looking for a new place to escape.

3) Fargo – season 1

Inspired by the film of the same name, Fargo’s a television series that’s already won multiple awards and scores of nominations in some of the biggest ceremonies of the acting world.

Unlike the movie there are new cases and characters to follow, with Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton taking centre-stage as ruthless and manipulative trouble maker Lorne Malvo. Able to change the lives of those around him with ease, single father Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) must make a decision as Duluth Police Deputy – to keep himself safe or do his duty as an officer of the law following a face-to-face with a killer. Martin Freeman and Allison Tolman also star.

2) Better Call Saul – season 1

Finally we’re getting the Breaking Bad spin-off we all deserved, as Saul Goodman’s (Bob Odenkirk) past is delved into and looked at in great detail in a brand new series originally planned to become a half-hour comedy.

Now with a new direction as an hour-long drama, showrunner Vince Gilligan has warned viewers they should pay attention at all times, as clues are scattered throughout episodes which they’re thinking about following up in the future. If this series is even half as good as Breaking Bad, it’s one the world is going to be talking about for quite some time.

1) Transparent – season 1

Originally exclusive to Amazon Prime members, Transparent is a hilarious ten-episodes of 30 minutes each which showcase some of the most relatable characters on television, through the Pfefferman family – odd perhaps because of the situations that they find themselves in at many an occasion.

Winning a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Maura Pfefferman, Jeffrey Tambor is at his best here as the trans older male-turned-female father of three unruly children who cannot seem to find their way in life.

Reintroducing herself to her kids in scenes that resonate with the viewer, it becomes apparant from the off-set that whilst seeing Maura in all her glory is at first a shock to the family, it’s not at all the most shocking or revelatory thing about the show.

Providing a huge stepping stone towards a world with minimal to no inequality, perhaps most fascinating about Transparent is its ease and ability to push any viewers with prejudice towards acceptance and love for everybody and everything. Creator Jill Soloway should be immensely proud of what she has achieved through this series.

Stan is offering a 30 days free trial so you can see it yourself!


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