7 Things We'd Like to See in Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black

After two fantastic seasons of Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black, there’s absolutely no doubt that they’ll continue to deliver when the third season eventually hits the online streaming service.

But just what are we going to see in the new batch of episodes? We’ve got some ideas that we hope the show bosses are also tuned in with!

1) Red to return to her bad-ass roots

Red turned into a bit of a wet lettuce in season two, and we winced when she got socked in the face by the self-proclaimed Queen Vee. Now that she seems to be out of the picture (God praise Rosa), we hope Red gets back to her first season self, kicking ass and taking names.

2) Piper and Alex to reunite

We know that Alex is confirmed to appear in every episode of season three, so we’re hoping that she can reunite with Piper almost immediately and maintain a smooth sailing relationship throughout the episodes. No arguments, no trouble, just a dominant duo and force to be reckoned with.

3) Morello to move on

She’s far too sweet to continue being trapped in the stalker lifestyle she’s now hopefully left behind. She’ll never get her happy ending if she continues to be obsessed with Christopher, and though we’re not quite sure how she’d be able to meet a new man, if our next point is taken onboard it could be something that actually comes about…

4) Male prison integration

Fans loved getting a little glimpse at male prisoners in the first episode of season two, and so I think it would be nice if some guys joined the ensemble of Litchfield for a little time at least. The prison could try out male and female integration in the prison, using over-populated systems as an excuse. It’s not something that should stick and become permanent, but a little experimentation would be extremely intriguing.

5) Daya to get out of prison

Daya isn’t my favourite character, and with her labour looming it’d be nice if she could be let out of prison because of good behaviour, to live her life with her newborn. It’s unlikely but currently she takes up too much of the show’s time.

6) Pornstache

So we’re supposed to hate Pornstache… it’s not working. The fans adore him despite his horrible actions – he’s someone the show needs but is unlikely to make a comeback just yet as he’s been shipped off to potentially serve a sentence himself. That moustache is alluring beyond belief. Bring him back!

7) Gritty drama

The show may be lacking a little bit of realism. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic series, but it just doesn’t have that true, gritty, down-to-earth drama that we see in Wentworth. I want massive, emotional and impactful story lines that aren’t going to end with the protagonist being ran down in a blaze of glory. This can be done whilst still maintaining the series’ signature charm.

What are you hoping to see from the new season of Orange Is The New Black?

Who do you think will be in trouble when the Ladies of Litchfield return to the screen?


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