Recap: How Did Game of Thrones Season 4 Leave Off?

Season four of the highly acclaimed HBO drama Game of Thrones was a true feast for the fans. Joffrey finally bid us farewell in another epic wedding scene, Tyrion delivered a masterpiece of a monologue, mammoths and giants fought with the brave watchers on The Wall, and Prince Oberyn was (literally) crushed by The Mountain.

In preparation for the season five premiere, which will air on Monday, let’s take a look back and see what our favourite protagonists were up to at the end of the show’s fourth instalment. Since there are plenty of characters to root for, we decided to recap based on location. Here goes nothing.

King’s Landing

In King’s Landing, the Lannisters’ power began to fade. Tyrion killed Tywin and Shae, but managed to escape with the help of Varys and Jaime and make it to a ship heading out of the capital. Varys joined him, so the two will be out of King’s Landing starting season 5. Tommen is still warming up the Iron Throne with Cersei by his side, who probably won’t be pleased with Tyrion’s escape and the part Jaimie played in orchestrating it. Margaery is trying to win over Tommen, and the Martells are probably sort of unhappy that they’re down one (charming) family member.

The Eyrie

In the middle of Westeros, Littlefinger pretty much became Lord of the Vale, after he made sure that Lysa Arryn is out of the picture. He has Sansa Stark by his side, who now seems wiser and more calculating than ever. The years spent in King’s Landing apparently taught her a thing or two about how to successfully win friends and influence people. Sickly Lord Robin is still around, but we don’t see him as a real threat to Littlefinger’s supremacy.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the Stark sisters almost crossed paths, as Arya was headed to The Eyrie. She and the Hound came across Brienne and Pod instead. The encounter led to a brutal fight between Brienne and the Hound, which might have been fatal for the latter. Arya embarked on to a nearby ship that was headed to Braavos.

The North

As far as the North is concerned, Theon/Reek helped Ramsay and Roose rid the area of the Iron Islanders. Also, Bran advanced on his spiritual journey, with Hodor and Meera still by his side. He even encountered one of the Children of the Forest, a mysterious non-human race that were reportedly the original inhabitants of the continent of Westeros. Plus, he got a glimpse of the three-eyed raven, who promised the little Stark he will be able to fly. Man, this show is complicated!

Farther north, we had the epic battle between the watchers on the Wall and the Wildling army, before Jon Snow tried to strike up a deal with Mance Rayder. Stannis and his entourage (Davos, Melisandre and Shireen) also reached Castle Black and wanted in on the action, as they finally realized that the White Walkers are a dangerous threat to Westeros. Who would have thought? (The answer is everybody watching the show. Do something about those ice zombies already. Seriously!) Stannis made Mance surrender, and Jon recognized him as the true King of the Seven Kingdoms.

Across the Narrow Sea

As for Daenerys, she’s still trying to prove that she can lead, in order to develop her queen skills even further; she’s refusing to leave Meereen, as the area is still in turmoil. Dany banished Jorah, but still has Ser Barristan Selmy, Grey Worm, and Missandei by her side. And Daario, of course, her… lover? However, she did lock up her beloved dragons, because they burned an innocent child. Only two though, as she couldn’t find Drogon. Maybe she should work on developing her mother skills as well?

All caught up? Great. Is Tyrion safe? Will the Martells ask for revenge? Will Daenerys finally cross the Narrow Sea and claim the Iron Throne? Time will tell. Meanwhile, season five couldn’t come fast enough. We’re aching with anticipation.

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