• Doctor Who: Series 8, Rated

    So, it’s time to bid a fond farewell to another season of Doctor Who. The world’s favourite TV series about a man romping through space and time in a magic box with a questionably phallic light-up appendage has come to an end for another year (Christmas special excluded) and it’s time to take a look at how season 8 panned out. Needless to say: SPOILERS!
  • 3 good reasons to watch Fargo Season 2

    Get out your snow shovel. Pull down your wool cap. Start practicing your best Minnesotan accent. The second season of Fargo will hit like a blizzard in 2015 and you should be prepared to watch.
  • The Top 6 TV Narrators

    Many new shows this season are using narrators as a story-telling tool (such as A to Z, Selfie, The Affair, Jane The Virgin, Constantine) even though most of them add nothing to the mix and are generally useless and boring. This trend started a long time ago with various popular shows in which voiceovers are essential and used in a clever manner.
  • The Newsroom: Why you should be watching the final season

    In its first two seasons, The Newsroom was met with plenty of criticism. However, in its third and final season, which already started on HBO, Sorkin was able to fix many of the show’s issues and make a riveting comeback that everyone must watch. Here are five reasons you should be watching the final season of The Newsroom
  • Best TV geeks

    Most TV shows have at least one gifted character who knows more information than anyone else and is able to use his technology and resources like no one else can. Here are the seven greatest TV geniuses
  • Five Reasons We Love Frank And Claire Underwood’s Marriage

    Most drama series depict marriages in a very negative way; it always ends with a breakup or worse. Frank and Claire Underwood’s marriage is very controversial, and yet it’s the one that works the most compared to the others, and many of us would want a marriage just like the ones they have. And despite its flaws (the infidelity, the murders, Frank’s ambiguous sexual identity…), their marriage is as perfect as it can get these days. So here’s why we think their marriage works so well
  • 7 characters that changed significantly over the years

    One of the main things that distinguish television shows from movies is how the characters evolve and change during the course of a show. Viewers love to invest in these characters and watch them grow up and become better versions of themselves. Here are seven characters that changed drastically (mostly in a positive way) throughout the years:
  • Most Influential LGBT Characters On TV

    Television is a huge part of people’s lives these days, especially teenagers and young adults. That’s why it’s important to include a diverse set of characters in every show and for these characters to accurately represent the social category they belong to. That’s particularly essential for minorities such as the LGBT community. Nonetheless, gay, lesbian and transsexual characters on TV shows have impressively increased during the last decade and some of them have become a true inspiration. Here are the six most influential LGBT characters on television
  • 7 TV Series We Would Love To Be Part Of

    Have you ever been so infatuated by a TV show’s concept to the point where you start imagining yourself in it? Have you ever been obsessed with fictional characters that you start wishing you live amongst them?
  • 6 New TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Spring

    Every year, a number of new TV shows premiere during the fall and people start wondering which ones they need to check out. Now that most shows have aired their first few episodes, it’s time for us to examine which ones you should be watching and are worth your time.
  • Four Reasons You Have To Watch Vikings

    You’ve heard of Vikings, right? It’s that little historical Game of Thrones knock-off buried on the History Channel, of all places, that’s somehow eked out a third season despite remaining in relative obscurity. Well, I’m here to sell it to you, and sell it to you hard. You should be watching Vikings right now, and here’s why.
  • 5 of the Saddest TV Deaths that Made Us Feel Dead Inside

    Here's a look at just five television deaths that did exactly that made us get a little emotional. Even thinking about number 4 made us tear up.
  • Three Ways Downtown Abbey Changed Your Life

    Tuning into Downton Abbey has become as much of a generational ritual as intrigue and posh houses for millions of people across the world. Jump back to five years ago and tell every TV critic on the planet that one of the biggest shows on Earth follows the lives of a bunch of prim, upper-class British nobles and the scandalous intrigue that plagues their closeted lives and they’d probably laugh you out of the house and watch The Walking Dead pilot.
  • 5 lessons learned from Game Of Thrones that can help you further your career

    Four seasons into the television phenomenon that is Game of Thrones, and we've decided to take a look back and see just what lessons we've learned so far that could help us in the working world. Take a look below and bring out your inner Stark, Lannister or Targaryen.
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