• 10 Dramas You Should Stream on Netflix Australia ASAP

    Netflix is finally available in Australia, with plenty of amazing content to keep consumers entertained for hours on end. Not sure where to start? Here are our best picks for drama series. If you’re not familiar with these awesome series yet, let us make the introductions.
  • What TV Shows Should We Expect on Stan?

    Stan have promised award-winning TV shows, blockbuster movies, first-run exclusives as well as exciting kids content - so, you can definitely expect loads of interesting viewing options.
  • What Can You Watch on Stan?

    If we were to list all the TV shows and movies available for your viewing pleasure on Stan, you’d be stuck in your chair reading for weeks on end, so we sieved out the best of the best. Here’s a summary of the best movies and TV shows available on Stan.
  • 5 Can't Miss TV Comedies on Presto

    With a subscription to Presto Australians can access hundreds of hours of classic television comedies sure to delight and shock you. Catch up with all of the comedies you’ve been hearing about for years, but have never had the chance to see. Here are five television comedies currently available on Presto you won’t be able stop watching after the first episode.
  • Foxtel: The Top 5 series for 2015 that you can't miss!

    As one of Australia’s leading pay television companies, Foxtel has a brilliant score of television series to watch. Because of this, we've taken a look at some of the best series coming to the content provider in later this year – here are just five you absolutely cannot miss!
  • Netflix US: The Top 5 series for 2015 that you can't miss!

    We've taken a look at some of the best series coming to the content provider in the coming months later this year - you cannot miss out on these shows!
  • Stan: The Top 5 series for 2015 that you cannot miss

    Announcing their pricing of just $10/month, Stan is a brand new television and movie content provider. We've got the low down on the best series you'll be able to catch on Stan when it does eventually become available.
  • 6 Most Anticipated New Shows of 2015

    Even though there are probably plenty of shows already on your plate, try to clear your schedule in the next few months to explore new masterpieces. This is a list of six new series that have the potential of turning into great hits in 2015:
  • What if the Modern Family characters were stranded on Survivor?

    There's a lot to love about Modern Family. As one of the most successful sitcoms in history, every episode proves to be an enjoyable and hilarious ride as our favourite characters prove that comedic television still has a lot to give, despite the days of Friends and Will and Grace being long gone. But what would happen if the characters in the show were suddenly forced to compete in a season of Survivor, with Jeff Probst watching their every move and CBS documenting their battle for $1 million? Who would take home the prize, and who'd be sent packing?
  • 7 Most Anticipated Returning Shows Of 2015

    Many TV shows don’t start their seasons in September; instead they return in January and sometimes even later. After a long hiatus, the time has come for these shows to finally be back. Here are seven returning series we’re looking forward to (the list only includes shows that premiere between January and April 2015
  • The 20 Greatest TV Lines of 2014

    This has been one of the best years on television. New story-telling techniques were introduced by TV writers to make their stories more interesting and colorful. Here are the most inspiring, heartbreaking, hilarious and remarkable TV lines and quotes uttered by our favorite characters this year.
  • The 8 Most Shocking TV Moments of 2014

    Television in 2014 has been full of jaw-dropping moments that shook us to our core. This this year gave us several moments that no one saw coming even the hardcore fans of these TV shows. Here’s a list of eight shocking scenes we watched this year, from characters’ deaths to really unexpected turns of events.
  • 5 Ways Six Feet Under Affected Our Lives

    The HBO drama Six Feet Under has touched the lives of millions of people, which is why it’s still considered one of the best dramas ever created. Here are five different ways Six Feet Under affected our lives:
  • 7 Most Overlooked TV Shows of the Past Two Years

    Many TV shows get easily famous because they have the advantage of a good advertising campaign and a big budget. However, some shows stay under the radar despite their high quality and great premise mainly because not everyone gets to find out about them. Here are seven underrated TV shows that should be watched by a lot more people
  • TV actors that never got the Emmys they deserved

    Every year, our favorite actors and TV shows get honored by an Emmy award nomination but only one of them wins in each category. That’s why it’s only natural that many actors get snubbed from a win despite how wonderful their performance was. Here are some of those actors who deserved an Emmy award but never got it for some reason:
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