The Newsroom: Why you should be watching the final season

5 Reasons Not To Miss The Newsroom This Season

In its first two seasons, The Newsroom was met with plenty of criticism; critics claim that the show’s creator Aaron Sorkin tries to lecture them with his righteous and moralistic long monologues and that his depiction of female characters is downright horrible.

However, in its third and final season, which already started on HBO, Sorkin was able to fix many of the show’s issues and make a riveting comeback that everyone must watch.

Here are five reasons you should be watching the final season of The Newsroom:

1- The writing is better than ever

The show has always been famous for the character’s long speeches. Even though they were subject for criticism in earlier seasons, there’s a certain amount of passion, heart and brains that cannot be denied this time around. Not to mention that they include a lot of humor, which is impressive considering how somber the news usually is. Anyway, these monologues will probably still produce an eye rolling reaction for some people, but everyone will agree on how well-written they are.

2- The cast always delivers an outstanding performance

The Newsroom has always had an amazing cast but this season they are given better material to play with. Jane Fonda reprises her role as Leona Lansing, the CEO of Atlantis World Media, and she’s more glamorous than ever. Also, Allison Pill’s character Maggie became a strong character who is finally good at her job (after mostly being involved with a silly love triangle). And Olivia Munn is back to deliver countless laughs.

3- More guest stars means more fun

Marcia Gay Harden was probably the best part of the second season and thankfully she is back this season. Her interactions with Jeff Daniel’s character Will are always fascinating to watch because you can sense the tension between them. Also, 2 Broke Girls’ actress Kat Dennings also shows up to bring more sassiness to the table.

4- The main storyline is more intriguing than before

The final season of The Newsroom revolves around Neal, one of the most interesting and lovable members of the team. He’s accused of committing espionage because he was given stolen confidential documents by an anonymous source. This finally gives Dev Patel a more exciting storyline and it provides the whole team with a problem that brings them together. (And of course, it gave the show a way for Marcia Gay Harden to return)

5- The love stories are less frustrating than earlier seasons

The first two seasons focused mostly on the “will they/won’t they” storyline between Will and Mackenzie and Maggie and Jim. At some point, the audience grew tired of such tales and they stopped being invested in them. But in this final season, the show’s central couple is Don and Sloan who are already more charming as a couple than the others and they stay drama-free as much as possible.

To conclude, you must watch The Newsroom’s final season to see how it will wrap up. It’s only going to be six episodes which means there will be no time wasted on boring arcs and uninteresting characters.


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