Best TV Shows Adapted From Books

8 TV series adapted from books

Most TV shows these days are recycled material from other forms of art such as movies, books or other TV shows usually originated in other countries. Yet, that’s not necessarily a bad thing since some of the best series that aired in the best two decades are based on books.

Here are the best eight TV series adapted from books:

8- The Vampire Diaries

This show has gotten a huge success among teenagers despite the fact that the book it was based on was not that famous. In fact, thanks to a sexy cast and an exciting dynamic, it’s difficult not to get addicted to this supernatural thriller.

7- Dexter

The Showtime’s drama was a masterpiece especially in its first four seasons. The show is intense, thrilling and sometimes gruesome and it blew our minds on several occasions, while the book was at best average.

6- Friday Night Lights

Based on the 1990 non-fiction book Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream, this show was considered as the best sports-themed TV show of all-time just like the book it was adapted from was named one of best sports book.

5- True Blood

True Blood started very similar to the series of books it was based on (The Southern Vampire Mysteries) quality and story-wise. Nonetheless, it exceeded them on so many levels from the second till the fourth season and then afterwards it unfortunately started decreasing in quality. However, just like The Vampire Diaries, it has the advantage of a hot cast and some outrageously graphic scenes.

4- Sex And The City

This show far outperformed its original text. In fact, the book it’s adapted from is a collection of essays that are basically better-than-average sex columns, while the series has become a phenomenon over the years. Millions of people are still obsessed with its main characters and relate to them in so many ways.

3- The Walking Dead

Based on the comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead is one of the most watched TV shows right now. Everyone loves the horror of a zombie apocalypse especially when you end up getting attached to the main characters and rooting for them during their crazy adventures.

2- Orange Is The New Black

It was an awesome idea to transform this book into a TV show because it turned out to be one of the most addictive series that has ever been made. The characters’ backstories and the show’s humor make it stand out. Plus the actors portray their characters in a very human and realistic way.

1- Game Of Thrones

It’s quite difficult to compare this show to the book it was based on because they’re both genius. However, it’s an undeniable fact how much effort and work were put into the show to make it this epic. The visuals, costumes, cinematography and directing are the unique traits that make the show the huge success it is today.


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