Best TV characters with a mental condition

TV characters with a mental condition

Mental disorders, whether it’s psychopathy, bipolarity or high-functioning autism, always make characters more intriguing to watch. Plus, it gives the actors the opportunity to really amp up the acting skills and shine in their roles.

Here’s a list of six interesting TV characters who suffer from a mental disorder:

Will Graham – Hannibal

Will suffers from Asperger’s syndrome which makes him unable to have normal relationships but at the same time makes him a sort of a genius; he has the unique ability to analyze the evidence of a murder scene in order to trace back the killers’ steps. But in reality, his ability actually is to empathize with psychopaths and put himself in their shoes which can be a real danger to his psyche.

Hannibal Lector – Hannibal

Hannibal is one of the most interesting psychopaths on TV right now. He is clever, always several steps ahead of everyone and an excellent cook. He’s probably the only person who can make people’s flesh and organs look so delicious. Also, he’s very manipulative; he was able to control Will’s mind using his position as his psychiatrist to make him confused about everything he experiences and he somehow still claims that he considers him as a friend.

Carrie Mathison – Homeland

Homeland was never really about Carrie’s bipolarity, but whenever we’re reminded of it, the show becomes more interesting. Despite the fact that she’s being treated for it and not many symptoms usually show on her, she still manifested a few “episodes” during the first and the current seasons. We saw her hallucinate and acting agitated and all over the place which Claire Danes portrayed in a superb way.

Abed Nadir – Community

We can’t make a list about mental disorders and Asperger’s without including this fascinating character. Even though they never discussed his disorder in the show, it’s pretty obvious that Abed has trouble connecting with others, feeling normal people’s emotions or communicating like everybody else. Still, it’s quite hilarious how smart he is especially in pop culture references and meta humor.

Dexter Morgan – Dexter

Dexter is the protagonist of the show even though he’s a serial killer who has murdered hundreds of people. Everyone roots for him because they understand how he thinks and the reasons why he kills, especially because he used to narrate the show. It’s quite interesting to learn what goes through the mind of a psychopath and how he has trouble connecting with people and fighting his urges to butcher people.

Helena- Orphan Black

Speaking of psychopaths, the list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include this remarkable character. Helena turned from being a scary antagonist who was hunting everyone to a lovable character who protects her “sestras”. It’s always entertaining to watch her eat like a pig and talk with her Ukrainian accent in a shy yet threatening manner.


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