Best Orange Is The New Black characters

6 Orange is the New Black Inmates Who Stole Our Hearts

What we love most about this show is the depth of its cast. There are no flat characters in this original, frisky and addictive Netflix series. They are all complex characters, with flaws, weaknesses, fears and dreams. Below is a list of our favorite inmates, with back stories guaranteed to leave you enthralled.

1- Galina Reznikov Red, portrayed by Kate Mulgrew

Before being an inmate, Red and her husband owned a successful restaurant in Queens.  In prison, she evidently runs the kitchen – and a small smuggling business on the side. What we love about her? She’s the definition of tough love. She’s fierce, tough and sharp but she deeply cares about her protégée inmates.

2- Tiffany Dogget Pennsatucky, portrayed by Taryn Manning

Pennsatucky is the character we love to hate. This former meth head and reconverted devout Christian is as unstable as a unicycle. After her failed attempt at murdering Piper in season one, she joins Healy’s therapy group ‘’Safe Place’’ hoping to be reformed.

3- Suzanne Warren Crazy Eyes, portrayed by Uzo Aduba

No wonder Uzo Aduba won an Emmy for her role as Suzanne. Adorably socially awkward, Crazy Eyes was an instant favorite among viewers. She falls for Piper in season one, calling her Dandelion, and claimed to be her prison wife. In season two, she’s manipulated by Vee, who uses her naiveté to her advantage.

4- Nicky Nichols, portrayed by Natasha Lyonne

Witty, hypersexual and rebellious, Nicky constantly struggles to overcome her heroine addiction. Nicky is also wise and kind. She constantly comforts her fellow inmate, best friend, and casual sex partner Morello.

5- Sophia Burset, portrayed by Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is the first openly transgender actress to be nominated for an Emmy. Formerly known as Marcus Burset, Sophia Burset is the hairdresser of Litchfield and the inmates’ favorite confidante. Sophia’s also loyal and devout to her spouse and kid. In season two, she surprisingly develops a friendship with sister Ingalls, making the storyline even more interesting.

6- Lorna Morello, portrayed by Yael Stone

Warm, optimistic and kind, it’s hard not to love Morello even after learning about her mental illness.
In season two, we discover that Morello was constantly lying about her relationship with Christopher. However, her charming and cheerful self make up for her delusions and irrationality.


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