The Best New Releases on Presto for April

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April brought a plethora of new shows on Presto and it’s quite a challenge to choose from so many brilliant dramas and heart-warming comedies. To help you pick just the right ones, here’s a list of the best new releases on Presto.

True Blood (S6)

The Best New Releases on Presto for April

The penultimate season of the popular vampire drama tackles Bill’s new reincarnation. And if that is not enough, the Louisiana Governor just declared war on all vampires. Now it’s up to Sookie to bring her ex-lover back to his old self. However, it seems our beloved fairy waitress has her own share of problems after she gets in touch with the fairy side of her family…

Veep (s1 & s2)

This is one of the best comedies on television now. Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Selina Meyer, a senator who gets her dream job – the vice presidency of the US. But the job comes with very few perks, lots of responsibilities, and a staff that doesn’t know what they’re doing.

The Americans (S1)

This smart drama tackles the world of spy craft during the 70’s. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, a seemingly boring couple with two kids. But secretly, they are Russian spies tasked with gathering sensitive information in the US.

Homeland (S1 to S3)

This critically acclaimed drama tells the story of CIA officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), who discovers that a recently rescued US Marine Sargent, Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), is actually working for the same terrorist leader who has been keeping him hostage. Now all she has to do is prove these allegations, but there’s a problem – she falls in love with him.

Sons of Anarchy (S1 to S5)

This series is about a motorcycle club that has both legal and illegal businesses in the small town of Charming. Each club member has its own personal problems which sometimes clash with the club’s business. The show stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, and Theo Rossi.

American Horror Story (S1 to S3)

If you are a horror buff, then American Horror Story is right up your alley. Each season has a different story and it’s set in different times. The first season is called Murder House and it’s about a family plagued by infidelity and lies. The second one, Asylum, is set in a 60’s asylum, while the third one, Coven, delves into the lives of New Orleans witches.

Glee (S1 to S4)

This musical teen comedy has everything, from teenage drama to good music performed by talented actors and plenty of comedy. This whimsical show centres on a group of outcast high schoolers who must deal with bullying and many other teen issues while discovering their true passion in glee club.

Modern Family (S1 to S4)

This brilliant comedy not only won several awards, but it’s also one of the most popular sitcoms out there. The show is shot in a mockumentary style and it showcases the daily life of a large and very eclectic family, which sometimes is simply hilarious.

My Name is Earl (S1 to S4)

Jason Lee is the title character of this underrated sitcom. He plays Earl Hickey, a guy who was never interested in doing the right thing. But, after he wins the lottery, gets hit by a car, and loses the ticket, he starts revaluating his lifestyle. He tries to repair the wrongs he’s done and makes amends to all the people he has hurt.

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