7 TV Series We Would Love To Be Part Of

Have you ever been so infatuated by a TV show’s concept to the point where you start imagining yourself in it? Have you ever been obsessed with fictional characters that you start wishing you live amongst them? Here’s your chance to use your imagination and try to picture yourself living in the world of these seven wonderful series:

1- Game Of Thrones

This world is not appealing to everyone because, let’s face it, almost everybody you love dies in it. But let’s not forget how fascinating the whole mythology is, from fictional creatures like dragons to riding horses and sword-fighting. Not to mention how sexy the show can get!

2- Friends

The group dynamic is one of the most outstanding things about this show. That’s why, everyone wants to be part of the gang and hang out with these lovable and hilarious characters in Central Perk and in Monica and Rachelle’s apartment.

3- True Blood

In this case, people would love to be part of the world of ‘True Blood’, not only because of its characters, but also because it’s so damn tempting. Immortality is something everybody desires, especially when it’s accompanied with great strengths, a high libido and the ability to control people’s minds.

4- Orange Is The New Black

It’s important to note that being locked up is not exactly an ideal situation. That’s why I was surprised when I asked a number of people which show they would want to be a part of if they had the chance and a lot of them answered with Orange Is The New Black. In fact, the show has established a lovely environment by including talent shows, beautiful friendships, honest relationships and an amazing set of characters.

5- Charmed

Don’t we all wish we live in a world with magic? Almost everyone at one point of their lives have tried to check if he can move stuff with his mind, and everyone wishes they can freeze time, see the future or heal their loved ones’ wounds. Having magical powers is everyone’s dream and this show in particular makes it more appealing.

6- Parenthood

The Bravermans might be one of the best families on TV. Despite the difficult times they go through, at the end of the day they love each other very deeply and would do anything to help each other through the rough patches. And in the end, that’s the only thing you truly need from your family. The show has some of the greatest parents on television; they’re supportive, helpful and rarely judgmental.

7- Orphan Black

Who wouldn’t love to be part of the clone club (aka become a “sestra” or a “brother sestra”)? The show was able to make you fall in love with every clone Tatiana Maslany portrays especially the main four. Plus, couldn’t you use a Helena in your life whom you can threaten people with? How about a faithful friend exactly like Felix?

Now it’s your turn, which TV shows you would love to be part of?


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