7 Most Overlooked TV Shows of the Past Two Years

7 Most Overlooked TV Shows of the Past Two Years

Many TV shows get easily famous because they have the advantage of a good advertising campaign and a big budget. However, some shows stay under the radar despite their high quality and great premise mainly because not everyone gets to find out about them.

Here are seven underrated TV shows that should be watched by a lot more people:

1- Rectify

This meditative drama series is an excellent work of art. It revolves around a guy getting back home after spending 19 years on death row. The world as he knows it has changed and everyone is now treating him differently. Even though it’s a bit slow-paced, Rectify is a superb TV show because of its excellent actors, its contemplative tone and its powerful writing.

2- Top of The Lake

This Jane Campion unique thriller has gone unnoticed by most people. The miniseries’ beautiful cinematography, its intriguing twists and Elizabeth Moss’ great performance earned the show several awards. And it also deserves to be watched by everyone.

3- The Americans

This critically acclaimed spy drama is not nearly as watched as other high quality shows of the same genre such as Homeland. And despite its unique and exciting premise, it is still snubbed in most award shows.

4- The Honourable Woman

This British thriller deals with Middle Eastern politics in a very intriguing manner. The show should have gotten worldwide success because of its story and yet it was watched by a relatively small number of people. This is upsetting because everything works perfectly in it from its talented cast to its shocking twists.

5- Enlightened

This show had a very small number of viewers to the point where it was cancelled only after two seasons. It was much underrated despite how beautiful it was. The show had a meaningful and powerful message and one of the best pieces of writing on television and yet people ignored it.

6- Getting On

This HBO comedy about an elderly care unit is still on the air and it’s not being watched by many people. The show demonstrates the way most hospitals actually operate in real life; from all the mistakes they make to the way doctors sometimes mistreat nurses and usually think of their patients merely as objects.

7- Looking

This HBO comedy drama is one of the most realistic shows of the past year. It’s about three gay guys’ friendship, relationships and careers. It’s very fun to watch and quite relatable to everyone in their 20s just like the other HBO show Girls (which got much more recognition than Looking)


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