7 Gruesome ways to survive a Walking Dead zombie apocalypse

Not one person who’s ever indulged in a single episode of The Walking Dead hasn’t imagined just how they’d deal if put in the same situation as one of the show’s many characters. Imagine for a moment that a genetic mutation or a major disease is turning the deceased into creatures that want to tear you to pieces and eat your flesh… pretty picture, right?
Well now you don’t have to worry, as we’ve come up with the best ways to defend yourself and survive if ever a zombie apocalypse does bear down on planet Earth.

1) Loot shops as soon as possible

Head for groceries and pick up things such as granola and energy bars over fruit that’ll spoil within a week. This could be your first and last chance to pick up as much food as possible for the journey ahead, so you’re going to need a lot of long-lasting products not only for you, but for your team. And don’t forget the water.

2) Get weapons

Pick up a cricket or baseball bat – many would immediately head for what they’d deem a more efficient weapon, but you don’t want to be firing off shotgun shots and attracting the attention of all the walkers in the area. Axes are another good option. Aim for the head.

3) Find yourself a group

Family and friends would be the best people to align with, because you’ll all have immediate trust for one another, but if you’re on your own you need to get onboard with a select bunch of comrades who share the same morals and ideals as you. When humans are pushed to the limits, things like betrayal seem so minor and the thirst to survive trumps all, nine out of ten times. However, if you stay on your own you’re likely to join the zombie ranks sooner rather than later. It’s a double-edged sword.

4) Take an alpha role

Do this as soon as possible so you’re not butting heads with other potential alphas. If your group is looking for someone to divvy up the food, put yourself forward for the job. It may be difficult when you have to ration, but it ensures that you get to eat when you’re hungry. Similarly, keeping a weapon on your being at all times would be a great plan. If somebody decides to go rogue, they’re going to want to take what they can with them – don’t allow this to leave you vulnerable.

5) Ensure you have thick clothing

Things can get cold – depending on where you are of course – and you have absolutely no idea how long this whole thing is going to last. It’s also great for defence and even attack if you’re stomping round in some steel-toed boots. Again, aim for the head.

6) Find an easy-to-defend location

A secluded prison, a bank, the local supermarket – wherever you deem ‘easy-to-defend’ will be better than lurking round the woods, susceptible from attacks from every side. If the place has electricity, even better. Just ensure that you’re careful when scouting it out – somebody may have got there first and be unfriendly to strangers.

7) Be ready to kill those close to you

If your friend turned into a Walker, you have to be prepared to put them out of their misery. Remember, they’re already dead, this isn’t you murdering your buddy. It’s you or them – don’t be an over-emotional fool.
You’re all set! Now bask in the knowledge that if the world’s turned upside down by a zombie apocalypse, you’ll at least have a small idea of exactly what you can do to survive.
The Walking Dead returns for its fifth season on FX from October 13.


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