6 TV shows we wish they would bring back

Some shows don’t get the ratings expected from them so network end up pulling their plug, leaving their fans frustrated and angry that they’ll never see their favourite characters or find out how the story ends.

Here’s a list of six TV shows that didn’t give us a proper closure and would like to come back:

My So-Called-Life

The Claire Danes teen drama of the 90s ended way too soon even though it had a strong message and a great set of relatable characters. Angela Chase used to say the craziest stuff that almost everybody thought of but no one dared to say out loud. Her crush towards Jordan Catalano is one of the greatest storylines ever and we all wanted them to end up together in case the show came back.


This ABC Family comedy-drama is one of the most underrated TV shows in the past few years. Its cancellation was truly sad because the characters left hanging with their problems. The show had a very light and uplifting tone so it’s such a shame that it wasn’t being watched by more people to keep it running.

Freaks And Geeks

The teen comedy drama has been called several times one of the best TV shows ever despite its cancellation only after one season. And even though it had low ratings, the show had a devoted cult-following who still wishes it is brought back or rebooted in some way.


Enlightened is one of the deepest shows you can ever watch. It has a meaningful message, great actors and breathtaking writing. Still, it didn’t get enough attention which led to its cancellation after two seasons leaving us wondering what is going to happen next with Amy Jellicoe. Now that HBO has revived Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback, we got a glimpse of hope that someday we might get this unique show back.

Party Down

This comedy series has one of the best casts of all-time (Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Jane Lynch… etc.) and was one of the funniest shows ever. It was cancelled only after two seasons so of course we would love for it to come back.

Happy Endings

This other hilarious comedy had one of most lovable and cutest characters of all-time. It delivered some great laughs in its three-years run because of its adorable group dynamics and its funny and clever jokes. Its cancellation was a real disappointment but it was somehow understandable; People grew tired of shows about a group of friends (after How I Met Your Mother and Friends) so they thought that Happy Endings brought nothing new to the table. However, its fans (including us) would totally disagree with them.


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