6 New TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Spring

Every year, a number of new TV shows premiere during the fall and people start wondering which ones they need to check out. Now that most shows have aired their first few episodes, it’s time for us to examine which ones you should be watching and are worth your time.

Here’s the list of 6 great new series that premiered during the past month:


1- The Affair

It is by far the best pilot this fall. The show revolves around an affair between two married people who are telling the story from their own personal perspective. It’s a quite unique story-telling technique that demonstrates how two people can remember the same events in completely distinct ways. Despite the show’s slow-pace, the brilliant performances of the main characters will keep you hooked.

2- Transparent

Amazon released the whole first season in the beginning of the fall and, instantly, the show got a huge critical acclaim. Transparent tells the story of a father who comes out to his adult children as “Trans” at an old age (do you now get how clever the title is?). The children are very selfish so they obviously deal with it in a thoughtless manner. The show’s humor, drama, realism, acting and soundtrack make it one of the best TV experiences you’ll have this fall.

3- Jane The Virgin

Jane finds herself in an impossible situation when she gets artificially inseminated by accident, and therefore pregnant, despite the fact that she’s still a virgin. The comedy-drama is one of the most entertaining shows you’ll watch this fall mainly because it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

4- How To Get Away With Murder

The Shonda Rhimes new thriller is definitely a must-watch; it’s fast-paced, exciting and sexy. The outstanding Viola Davis plays the role of a morally ambiguous lawyer/ teacher and she’s able to make you root for her despite all of her wrongdoings. In every episode, the show gives us a few flash-forwards a couple of months into the future where it deals with a mysterious murder committed by the four main characters (other than Viola Davis’).

5- Marry Me

If you’re still bitter about Happy Ending’ cancellation then this show is definitely for you. Casey Wilson and Ken Marino are hilarious together; their on-screen chemistry is fun to watch and their quirky characters are hysterical. The couple is definitely worth rooting for and the show is certainly one of the best new comedies.

6- Black-Ish

Even though it’s not to be compared to Modern Family (just yet), the show is off to a very good start. It deals with several issues such as race, sexism and family matters in a humorous and realistic manner. That’s why; Black-ish is another new comedy you should consider checking out.


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