5 Ways Six Feet Under Affected Our Lives

Despite its unlikely premise, the HBO drama Six Feet Under is a very relatable TV show. In fact, it tells the story of a dysfunctional family running a funeral home and yet we found ourselves thinking about our own lives and analyzing every part of it after watching each episode. Here are five different ways Six Feet Under affected our lives:

1- Claire Fisher reminded us how difficult being a teenager is

Claire was a typical rebellious teenager who struggled to fit in and always dated troubled boys which is very usual for her age. Her conversations with her psychologist in season 2 made us see clearly what went through her mind and proved how much she found it difficult to be a teenager in this modern day.

2- Ruth Fisher demonstrated how draining being a housewife and mother can be

Ruth was a passive aggressive mother who loved her kids very dearly despite the fact that she didn’t always know how to show it. It’s very common for families to not be able to show their love for each other especially when everyone has that many secrets.

3- David’s struggle with his homosexuality was touching

There was an episode during the first season where a guy got beaten up for being gay and David was asked to arrange his funeral. This made David think about how dangerous the world can be for a person like him and reminded us of a time where people were still not tolerant. Plus, his coming out to his mother was one of the most emotional scenes on the show because it showed us how loving parents already suspect it and are just waiting for their son to be honest with them.

4- Brenda and Nate confirmed how complicated relationships are

In this day and age, most relationships go like this one. Brenda and Nate started off casually with a physical connection which evolved over time to something more profound and meaningful. Then, Brenda began overthinking it which made her screw everything up despite the fact they were good together. It was all very relatable because in real life, people always start doubting their relationships after a certain period of time.

5- The show made us think about life and death like no other

It’s normal to be a bit oblivious about our loved ones’ mortality and our own. However, this show always reminded us that people die (because someone basically died in every episode). This is not necessarily a bad thing because it makes us want to live a more meaningful life and not take anything for granted. When asked “Why do people have to die”, Nate answered: “To make life important. None of us know how long we’ve got. Which is why we have to make each day matter.”


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