5 television crossovers we need in our lives

After a much-anticipated crossover episode of Family Guy and The Simpsons, the internet was sent into overdrive, equal in its levels of gushing love and turbulent hate for the momentous special. Despite its mixed reception, one thing is for sure. It got everybody talking.
Now we’ve got our thinking caps on, and we’ve come up with some other television crossovers we’d like to see. We know Oliver Queen and Barry Allen will be coming together for dual episodes of Arrow and The Flash in season three, episode eight of each series, but what dream combinations could really get us going?

Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead

Why? Because let’s face it, we lose some of our favourite characters nearly every damn episode, and so it would be great to see them come back, even if it meant they turned into the flesh-eating disease-ridden zombies we’ve seen Rick Grimes battling for nearly five full seasons now.

Glee and American Horror Story

They’re both Ryan Murphy creations, so let’s face it, it could absolutely happen! Some of the Glee characters are now annoying to the point where we want them dumped into any of the American Horror Story universes and bumped off. Though we’ve had some fantastic musical numbers from Jessica Lange in AHS, the Glee cast could provide some much-needed cheer before meeting a grisly demise.

Hannibal and True Detective

Both fantastic shows in their own right, we’re beginning to believe the only people talented enough to take down the fascinating Hannibal Lecter are Ruste Cohle and Marty Hart. They’re both characters with a hell of a lot of their own issues, but we think they’d be willing to put all that aside to ensure Hannibal spent the rest of his days behind bars.

Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black and Wentworth

OK, hear us out on this one. Walter White didn’t actually die. In fact, he’s been captured and arrested just as the Litchfield Prison has decided to also allow male prisoners. That’s right. Male and female integration, and Walter White is one of the first guys to join Litchfield! Something tells me he’d be scarier than Pornstache… Not only that, but the Wentworth women are going on vacation. Just because.

The Voice, The X Factor, Big Brother and every other reality show – AND Lost.

Because all of these pointless reality shows need to get lost. Period.

What are your fantasy television crossovers? Let us know!


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