5 of the Saddest TV Deaths that Made Us Feel Dead Inside

Every so often we’re so glued to a television series that when one of our favourite characters bites the dust, we can’t help but get a little emotional and feel dead inside. Here’s a look at just five television deaths that did exactly that.


Rita in Dexter

Let’s face it, she and Dexter were never going to get their happily ever after, but she didn’t deserve this fate! As our title character managed to finally take out the hideous Trinity Killer, he didn’t realise that Trinity had already taken from him what would make him feel the greatest loss imaginable. Rita was a fantastic woman whose only crime was loving the wrong man. Our heart will hurt forever because of this one.

Mike on Breaking Bad

Now we’re not going to pretend we were Mike’s biggest fan despite him being a hit with the majority of fans – he was of course at times trying to take out Walter White – but when we found out more about why he did what it is he does – for his granddaughter Kaylee – he became that little bit more relatable. As Walter shot a fatal bullet at his on-off frenemie, we realised he and Kaylee wouldn’t be seeing each other anymore, and that just made us sad.

Charlie on Lost

Dominic Monaghan made Lost’s Charlie one of the most likeable characters in the series, but when his time was up the tears flowed just as fast as the room he was stuck in filled with water. He finally became the hero he had always dreamed of being, saving the island from destruction that would have also wiped out all of his friends. Protecting the island from that fate, he warned Desmond about the boat they’d seen offshore and in doing so, saved his life. It was emotional.

Moira Queen on Arrow

Moira had an incredible turbulant relationship with most of her family, but when she hit the ground following a fatal wound from Slade’s sword we couldn’t help but just cry. The acting was top-shelf as Stephen Amell, Willa Holland and Susanna Thompson did their best to protect one another, but ended up witnessing one of the most brutal and terrifying moments in their lives. Words cannot say enough for this scene – it was outstanding television.

Eddard Stark on Game of Thrones

For those who haven’t read the Game of Thrones series, we certainly didn’t see this one coming. Evil King Joffrey decided that despite Eddard agreeing to his terms, he would take out who many thought was the show’s main figure in one swift swoosh of an axe. It only pained viewers more than Eddard’s daughter Arya was a few feet away watching the whole thing go down.


What TV Deaths made you guys weep?


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