5 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Orphan Black

5 Reasons We’re Obsessed with Orphan Black

Orphan Black has developed a very strong and devoted fan base in the past two years. The Canadian Science-fiction TV show revolves around a group of clones trying to discover their identity and fighting to survive in a world where everyone is either trying to exploit them or have them killed. A few episodes into the first season, most viewers become highly addicted to it and obsessed with its concept and with the star of the show Tatiana Maslany.

Here’s why everyone who starts Orphan Black ends up obsessed with it:

1- Tatiana’s work never ceases to impress

Tatiana Maslany’s performance is by far the strongest element of the show. Calling her genius is probably an understatement because she has one of the most difficult jobs in Hollywood and she does it beautifully. She plays more than five characters without making us question for a second the authenticity of each one. Her work is very complicated and mind-blowing to the point where sometimes she has to play a character pretending to be another one. She honestly deserves every award out there and it’s only natural for people to be obsessed with her.


2- The epic plot twists keep us hooked

Each episode is fast-paced and presents a huge set of mind-boggling developments which makes it hard to keep track of everything that happens all the time. That’s why most people prefer to binge-watch Orphan Black (just like most of us who got late to the party did) rather than wait a week between episodes.


3- The science fiction is juicy yet simple enough

The sci-fi aspect of the show is very interesting; they try not to give us too many details so they wouldn’t make it boring yet they give us enough information to keep us informed. The show’s geek Cosima works in a lab and studies the clones’ biology to get a sense of why they were created and what makes them the way they are. And she has a way of making everything sounds more intriguing than it is. (It also helps that she’s bisexual)


4- The special effects are incredible

It probably takes a lot of work and effort to create a scene with four Tatiana Maslanys. Everyone involved in this show is brilliant because they give us the pleasure of seeing all characters interacting with each other while making it believable. Of course, as I mentioned before, Tatiana deserves a lot of the credit but everyone else also does their jobs perfectly.


5- The humor keeps it light

One of the reasons people are obsessed with the characters is how funny they all are. Alison is the quirky housewife who is a bit paranoid and enjoys her chardonnay. Helena is a psychopath turned into a very lovable character; her accent and her behavior make it impossible not to laugh in every scene she’s in. Then there’s Felix who interacts with all the clones and gets to say snarky and hilarious comments.



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