5 reasons The Good Wife is the best show on TV right now

The Channel Ten / CBS legal drama has been on air for more than five years and it’s still not getting the recognition it deserves. In fact, most people are still ignoring it and it wasn’t even nominated for best drama at this year’s Emmy Awards (despite the fact that its fifth season was its greatest yet). Still, many TV critics have stated that it’s currently the best show and that everyone should be watching it. Here’s why they’re definitely right:

1- It’s beautifully written

In case you’re not familiar with its concept, The Good Wife usually has a different case every week and a season-long political arc which varies each year. In addition, it has several subplots that are in parallel with the main plot. However, it’s never random; it always knows how to cleverly use these subplots to influence the main storyline. Furthermore, the other captivating thing about its writing is its subtlety and how it slowly builds up each story line in a way that it sneaks up on you with a powerful emotional punch.

2- It’s complex and realistic

The main character Alicia Florrick was known in the beginning of the show as Saint Alicia. She stood by her politician husband even though he cheated on her, and went back to work as a litigator when he was sent to prison. But we later discover that she’s far from perfect; she was able to get hired by strategically flirting with her old friend who owns a law firm, she got promoted by using her husband’s connections and she even slept with her boss at one point. And the more she advances in her career the more corrupt she becomes; in fact, she has defended a wife killer, a drug dealer and other criminals only because it’s her job (which is how it’s done in the real world). My point is that the show is never black and white, there are neither good guys nor bad guys; it just deals with real-life corruption in the political and legal world.

3- It has one of the best casts on TV

Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles and Christine Baranski are incredible at portraying their nuanced and multi-layered characters. In fact, they’ve been nominated for several awards (and they’ve even won a few). Nevertheless, what makes The Good Wife stands out the most is its enormous set of guest stars and series regulars who keep popping up; almost every House Of Cards star (outside of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) appeared on the show. Not to mention Michael J. Fox and Carrie Preston who bring some humor to the table.

4- The show has everything

The most entertaining aspect of the show is its much-needed comedy. The show’s premise is serious and occasionally gloomy and that’s why it’s refreshing to include several quirky characters; from Carrie Preston’s Elsbeth Tascioni who instantly became a fan-favorite to Stockart Channing’s Veronica (aka Alicia’s fun mom). In addition to the humor, the show has a love triangle, and as I mentioned before, it’s a legal and political drama.

5- It’s wonderfully directed and the music is great

One of the best aspects of The Good Wife is how each episode is brilliantly constructed; it usually moves too fast to the point where you can’t miss a second of the show. The season 5 episode “Hitting The Fan”- one the best episodes of any TV show- is a great example of how they’re expert in building up tension which is even more heightened by its extraordinary soundtrack. (the music is also one of the very unappreciated aspects of The Good Wife)
That is why it’s finally time for you to start watching the best series on TV right now. If you don’t have the time to catch up with its first five seasons, then you’ve lucked out; the show keeps getting rebooted and changing the stakes. In fact, the writers burnt most relationships and friendships to the ground in its fifth season so it currently has the energy of a brand new show.


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