5 lessons learned from Game Of Thrones that can help you further your career

Four seasons into the television phenomenon that is Game of Thrones, and we’ve decided to take a look back and see just what lessons we’ve learned so far that could help us in the working world. Take a look below and bring out your inner Stark, Lannister or Targaryen.

1) Women are genius.

Cersei Lannister comes across as one of the smartest characters in the Game Of Thrones universe, but she’s probably actually one of the females in the show that makes the worst decisions. Despite this, she harnesses a lot of power and influence, and women in the place of work are likely to emulate some of her best moves in a bid to climb to the top. Thankfully, we live in a time where inequality due to gender in the workplace is a thing of the past – otherwise, the men may be heading out the door as the women take over and, as Beyoncé would say, run the world. So get the ladies on your side – you don’t want to make an enemy of them.

2) No matter where you come from, you can rise to the top

Let’s take a look at fan favourite Daenerys Targaryen. Starting out as the sister of a horrific brother chasing a throne that was rightfully his, she’s managed to make something out of being used as a pawn for arranged marriage and holds more titles to her name than anyone else. Mother of Dragons. Queen of the Andals. Khaleesi. The list goes on. With enough hard work and some belief in yourself, you can too see such fantastic success and ensure those in your workplace respect you not only as a person, but for your ambition and drive.

3) Others can’t dim your shine

Now we turn to Tyrion Lannister. Forever doomed to be the laughing stock because of his height, Tyrion has always been a subject of hate not only for the realm, but for his sister Cersei who blames him for the death of their mother. For reasons out of his control, he is disliked by many, and this is something that can be mirrored in the working world. Though he sometimes lets this get the better of him – he is human after all – he’s got everything it takes to take down arguably any of the show’s characters. Take your strengths and make sure they far outweigh your weaknesses, and you’ll ensure anyone who tries to kick you to the curb is left out in the rain.

4) Unlikely partnerships sometimes reap major rewards

Brienne of Tarth was once a lone ranger. Then, she began to sign up to help those she deemed worthy and the results were, at times fantastic. Look at the crippled Bran Stark and one of his closest comrades, Hodor. On paper they seem like a very strange match but when it comes to it, their varied skill sets create something fantastic. Just make sure your goals are realistic. You don’t want to end up like Renly Baratheon – murdered by a shadowy fiend.

5) Nerves and fear often better you

Sam Tarly began life in Game of Thrones as a coward, so much so that his father banished him to The Wall to live out the rest of his life. However when the chips were down and it came to life or death, Sam plunged Dragonglass into a White Walker and saved not only his life, but the life of his lady friend Gilly and her baby. Using your trepidation and turning it around so that you do things you’d never dreamt of before means you can often impress and surprise – something extremely important in business.

Game of Thrones returns for a fifth season next year.


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