5 Can't Miss TV Comedies on Presto

With a subscription to Presto Australians can access hundreds of hours of classic television comedies sure to delight and shock you. Catch up with all of the comedies you’ve been hearing about for years, but have never had the chance to see.

Whether you’re in the mood for witty banter, physical comedy, nude scenes for no reason (you go Lena Dunham!), or language you know you should be offended by but still makes you laugh, you won’t be disappointed with Presto’s online offerings. Here are five television comedies currently available on Presto you won’t be able stop watching after the first episode.

1. Entourage

Watch all eight seasons of the comedy hit that gives you an inside look at what it’s like to be friends with a Hollywood star. Vincent Chase is trying to make a name for himself in the movies while his close circle of friends Eric, Turtle, and fellow actor and brother Johnny Drama are also on the hunt for fortune and fame.

Chase’s super-agent Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven, is bigger than life and funnier than any other character you’re likely to see on television. Filled with lavish parties and non-stop cameos from Hollywood personalities Entourage is a sure-fire comedy winner.

2. The Librarians

All three seasons of the hit series The Librarians are available to watch on Presto. The series follows high-strung head librarian Frances O’Brien (Robyn Butler) and her eclectic group of employees.

The ensemble cast includes a list of characters whose stereotypes go far beyond the misfit or the dreamer. O’Brien’s employees consist of a criminal doing community service, a dyslexic, a gay Asian man, a woman in a wheelchair, and a Lebanese Muslim.

Butler (who is also the show’s co-writer and co-creator) isn’t afraid to ruffle some audience feathers in The Librarians. Butler made her Catholic head librarian character also a bit of a racist as she throws out offensive remarks to her minority staff as she tries to create some order to her library.

3. Girls

Presto has the first two seasons of Lena Dunham’s controversial hit comedy which follows four women in the their 20’s as they navigate life and love in New York City. Think of it as a much rougher around the edges Sex and the City with all of the laughs and hysterically awkward sexual situations.

Lena Dunham stars as Hannah, an aspiring writer, who has a healthy ego and unhealthy relationships with seemingly everyone she encounters. Hannah’s friends include Marnie as an uptight wanna-be artist, Jessa who is both flighty and hard as nails, and Shoshanna who begins the show as innocent and naïve as they come.

Girls also features a rotating cast of boyfriends, bosses, and mentors including Adam Driver who is starring in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

4. Nurse Jackie

If you’re looking for a bawdy slapstick comedy Nurse Jackie may not be your cup of tea. However, if you’re looking for a dark satirical look into the life of a deeply flawed emergency nurse look no further than Edie Falco’s nurse, Jackie Peyton.

While Nurse Jackie is battling her own addiction demons she is also trying to manage her co-workers, patients, personal life, and a broken health care system. Presto has five seasons of Nurse Jackie available to binge watch right now.

5. Doc Martin

The first three seasons of the hit British television comedy are available to watch on Presto. The main character in Doc Martin, played by Martin Clunes, is based on the Dr. Martin Bamford character from the 2000 film Saving Grace.

Doc Martin asks the question: what happens if a doctor develops a fear of blood? After surgeon Martin Bamford develops that exact phobia he moves to a quiet Cornish village where his decided lack of bedside matter does not go unnoticed with the locals.

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