4 Reasons Jane The Virgin Is The Best New Show

5 Reasons Jane The Virgin Is The Best New Show

This season has introduced several new shows who already have a solid fan base. However, despite the interesting premises they’ve established, they failed the most important lesson: to entertain the viewers.

Jane The Virgin is one of those rare shows that consistently delivers a fun hour of television every week which makes it the best new show according to the fans and critics.

Here is why Jane The Virgin exceeded every other show this season:

1. It doesn’t take itself too seriously

The show revolves around a virgin who got artificially inseminated by accident and therefore impregnated. But the thing is the series realizes how ridiculous this premise is so it turns it into a humorous situation instead of a serious one. Plus, the show is too self-aware and two steps ahead of its viewers; it already knows how you will react to a situation and makes fun of it before you do. And all that wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the awesome narrator.

2. The narrator is hilarious

Most shows’ narrators can be quite annoying or repetitive. They fill up the gaps in an episode and give us information that we already know, as if the writers don’t trust us enough to figure out the episode’s theme by ourselves. Nonetheless, Jane The Virgin’s narrator is probably the best part of it; his jokes are incredibly funny, his mocking of the show’s premise proves its self-awareness and he’s quite useful because of the characters’ backstories he informs us of. The show would certainly not have been the same without him.

3. It’s cute, sweet and sexy

The series includes a lot of innocent and cute romance. The main character is very sweet and lovable but she’s stuck in the middle of a love triangle between two very decent guys. The thing that makes this so enticing is how cute the romantic conversations she has with both men are and how hot everyone basically is. For a show that has “virgin” in its title, it’s very sexy!

4. It’s fun and addictive

Finally, we can’t deny how much we enjoy watching all the “Telenovelish” storylines: a wife desperately tricking her husband to stay with her by expecting a baby, the presence of an evil mother-in-law in a wheelchair, murder investigations that has to do with some evil bad guy and lots of secrets and lies. In case you thought this couldn’t get any juicier, Jane’s father himself is actually a Telenovela actor. Anyway, there is not a boring minute on Jane The Virgin; it is one of the most entertaining shows on television right now.


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