3 good reasons to watch Fargo Season 2

Get out your snow shovel. Pull down your wool cap. Start practicing your best Minnesotan accent. The second season of Fargo will hit like a blizzard in 2015 and you should be prepared to watch.

Season one snuck up on viewers. In the beginning doubts swirled about whether a TV spin off of the Coen brothers’ Fargo could even dream of living up to the movie. But the series blended suspense, violence, a surprising cast of characters, thick accents, dark humor, and an eerie winter setting into one of the best shows of the year. Season 2 has big snow boots to fill. What can we expect?

1. It will feature another grisly crime.

Writer Noah Hawley revealed the show will go back in time to tell the story of the 1979 Sioux Falls case. In episode 9, a conversation between Lorne Malvo, sinister hitman, and Lou Solverson, diner owner and retired police officer, gives a tantalizing glimpse into the events of season 2. “I had a case once, back in ‘79. And I’d tell you the details but it’d sound like I made them up. Madness really.” Solverson says while wiping out a coffee mug. “Bodies?” Lorne asks. “Yes, sir. One after another,” Solverson says “Probably, if you stacked them high, you could have climbed to the second floor. Yeah, I saw something that year I ain’t ever seen before or since. I’d call it animal, except animals only kill for food. This was… “ Solverson trails off and shakes his head. “Sioux Falls. Ever been?” As far as theme, season 2 looks to chug along the same tracks as season 1. It will explore the connection between evil and instinct. A younger Lou Solverson will investigate a gruesome crime. Innocent Midwesterners will puzzle over brutality as the body count climbs and the show continues its penchant for tense, slow boiling scenes of violence.

2. The fate of Lou Solverson’s wife.

Lou limps through season 1 with a gunshot wound from the Sioux Falls case. He carries a deeper emotional wound from the absence of his wife. So far, the story has remained dark as what happened to her. Mrs. Solverson will certainly make an appearance in the second installment. We can expect the show to answer questions about her end. Season 1 traced a romantic subplot between Gus Grimly and Molly Solverson, Lou’s daughter and the star investigator. We can expect season 2 to do the same for Lou and his wife.

3. Actors?

So far FX hasn’t announced a cast for 2015. The acting was season 1’s greatest strength. Allison Tolman received an Emmy nomination for her role as the determined and shrewd Molly Solverson. Martin Freeman brought to life a frustrated Lester Nygaard. Billy Bob Thornton unnerved viewers as the villainous Lorne Malvo. If season 2 wants the acclaim of its predecessor, it will need a fine group of actors to play unique characters. It will be interesting how the casting selection plays out. Will producers bring in a big name to anchor the cast? Will the show be a springboard for new talent like Allison Tolman? We will have to wait and see.   You can watch the season 2 of Fargo on FX Australia from fall 2015.


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