The 10 best TV shows of the 2013 and 2014 season

In a couple of weeks, many of our favorite TV shows will return, a number of new ones will begin and you will barely have time to watch anything else. So before the new season starts, try to use the little time you have left to catch up with the best shows last season had to offer. Here’s the list of the top 10 TV series that aired between the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014 on both Network and Cable television:

10- House Of Cards

The second season of this political drama was really thrilling. From its shocking premiere to its game-changing finale, the ride was exhilarating mostly because of the outstanding acting skills of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright who portrayed two uniquely multilayered characters.

9- Hannibal

The second installment of this psychological thriller made sure to keep us on the edge of our seats. In fact, it was able to play with our minds thanks to its engaging writing and to fascinate us with its gorgeously gruesome cinematography.

8- Veep

HBO’s Veep has been delivering countless laughs for three years straight and they outdid themselves during its third season. It’s currently one of the wittiest comedies on TV and the cast (especially Julia Louis Dreyfus) does an excellent job depicting such political awkwardness.

7- Mad Men

Mad Men is still one of the best shows on air thanks to its amazing writing, directing and acting. Not many shows can get away with such a slow pace especially in their final seasons, but Mad Men knows how to use it to its advantage by building up its characters and storylines.

5- Fargo

The combination of dark comedy and drama is what makes Fargo works. The actors delivered amazing performances during its 10-episode run and the directors set a certain pace which made the show thrilling and at the same time entertaining.

6- The Americans

This underrated spy drama is not as recognized as it should be. It excels at building up tension and exploring the lives of spies and their families. The second season was even better than the first; it was easily one of the most riveting seasons of television.

4- Game Of Thrones

This magnificent show has been consistently giving the audience stuff to talk about the next day because of its bold developments and deadly weddings. It’s difficult not to find yourself captivated by this solid season.  

3- True Detective

The HBO murder mystery was met with huge success because of its dark atmosphere and its charmingly twisted writing. Surely, Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were a big part of its success since they portrayed two fascinating characters in a wonderful fashion.

2- Orange Is The New Black

After the very addictive first season, everyone had high expectations regarding the return of Orange Is The New Black. But somehow, the show was able to exceed the audience’s expectations by exploring new original backstories of its unique and diverse set of characters.

1- The Good Wife

It’s very rare for any TV program to keep up its high quality in its fifth year, let alone get better like The Good Wife did. This much underrated legal/political/comedy/drama flourished in its fifth season by giving us several shocking twists and keeping us excited the whole 22-episode run.  


Honorable mentions:Broad city season 1, 24: Live Another Day, Community season 5, Parks And Recreation season 6, Brooklyn nine-nine season 1, Girls season 3, Looking season 1, Orphan Black season 2.


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