Best Exploring Earth Documentaries to Stream on Stan

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If you’re one of the many people intrigued by the world, you’re in for a treat. Streaming service Stan has a lot to offer when it comes to incredible exploring earth documentaries to indulge in.

From David Attenborough to Michael Palin and Dr Mike Leahy, there are dozens of great pieces of film Stan subscribers can watch and enjoy. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Frozen Planet

David Attenborough gives the public an incredible portrait of the Polar regions, getting up close and personal with some of the most beautiful and exotic creatures on this great planet we call Earth. Focusing on some of the problems species face in this wilderness – such as polar bears and arctic wolves in the north, with Adelie penguins and wandering albatrosses in the south – many storylines are developed throughout the seven-part series that will ensure your attention is captured for each and every minute it’s on-screen.


Winning four Emmy Awards in America, it’s a show that has been met with incredible critical acclaim, and is a must-see for any nature enthusiast.

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Great Barrier Reef

Monty Halls explores one of the world’s most fantastic natural wonders in the Great Barrier Reef, finding out just how the largest living structure our planet houses its full 2000-kilometre length. His journey takes him from the wild outer reefs of the Coral Sea to the steaming shoreline’s rainforest, encountering colourful coral gardens across the way.


Viewers are witness to some of the most gorgeous cinematography that can be offered, with graceful and beautiful colour and wildlife on display.


Full Circle with Michael Palin

Though this 10 episode series was first broadcast in 1997, it still holds its own with some of the best. We see Michael Palin make an interesting string of strange and unique trips, with an intent to make a full anti-clockwise trip around the Pacific Rim.


Travelling through Russia, Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Australia, Chile, Mexico and many more countries, there’s a lot to be taken in, but is this a journey that’s too extravagant to be completed? You’ll have to watch to find out.


Bite Me with Dr Mike Leahy

Doctor Mike Leahy goes through eight episodes showing the public some of Earth’s most dangerous and small creatures that could be a huge and scary surprise for travellers all over the planet. Going to the furthest extent to understand just how the creatures’ minds operate, he allows them to feast, bite or sting his body – but can he possibly go through all of that without being scathed when he comes out on the other end?

Planet Earth

As the BBC’s first high definition filmed nature documentary series, Planet Earth was first broadcast in 2006 and was named the most expensive exploring earth doco to be commissioned by the BBC. Taking five years to complete, the show had been shown in a whopping 130 countries by 2007.


Looking at some of the worlds’ most incredible mountains, caves and more, David Attenborough once again puts his name on one of the most exciting and compelling documentaries you’ll likely ever see. It’s a work of pure art.


Nature’s Great Events

David Attenborough returns for another BBC series, looking this time at how seasonal changes that are powered by the sun cause shifting ocean currents and weather patterns that create conditions suitable for some of the world’s most incredible events in wildlife. Focusing each episode on a few key species – such as grizzly bears and humpback whales – the challenges each animal faces to make their way through life is presented in spectacular form.

Wild Africa

Exploring the natural history of the African continent, Wild Africa is a six episode series that concentrates each of its offerings on a particular environment, with incredible footage and photography used to show how the patterns of life in this area are affected by natural phenomena and seasonal changes.

Amazon with Bruce Parry

British army veteran Bruce Parry travels across the extensive Amazon through several South American states, meeting ‘ordinary’ locals and tribal folk, as well as dangerous drug traders, rebels and the people chasing them. Making his way from the source of the Amazon to the sea, this is an epic journey and tale that’s not to be missed.

Shark Therapy

World free-diving champion Tanya Streeter may usually be at one with the water, but that doesn’t stop her from having a fear of sharks. Travelling with the BBC to the Bahamas, she meets some enormous nurse sharks, hungry reef sharks and a scary looking lemon shark before finally hoping she can conquer her fear and face her ultimate challenge – swimming with the legendary tiger shark.

Life in Cold Blood

Written and narrated by David Attenborough, this documentary sees him and his production team travelling the world to capture rare animal activity in a study of the evolution and habits of amphibians and reptiles.


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