The 7 Scariest TV Episodes Of All Time

Television is not exactly known to be a scary place mostly because there are a lot of restrictions and boundaries. Luckily The Walking Dead and American Horror Story push the limit from time to time; here’s a list of the seven scariest episodes in the history of Television.

7- True Blood – I don’t wanna know (s01e10)

This episode has a lot of horror elements going on: Sookie got attacked by a serial killer and Bill was sentenced to turn an innocent girl (Jessica) into a vampire. However, the scariest part of the episode is Tara’s exorcism in which she had to stab a demon version of herself as a child which is quite disturbing to watch.

6- American Horror Story: Asylum – Unholy Night (s02e08)

Christmas at Briarcliff was as joyful as you would expect. A murderous Santa Claus was released from his cell by a possessed nun and attempted to kill Sister Jude. It was very distressing especially because it was all happening while a version of “Carol Of The Bells” was playing in the background.

5- Doctor Who – Blink (s03e10)

Doctor Who was never considered a horror series. However, everyone who has watched this episode admits that it’s one of the most terrifying hours of TV. In fact, it introduced The Weeping Angels which are angel-looking statues that only move when you’re not looking at them, so obviously the result was very unsettling.

4- The Walking Dead – No Sanctuary (s05e01)

The first six minutes of the season five premiere are by themselves more frightening than almost anything we see on TV. The episode proves that zombies are not the scariest part of the show; humans can be as dangerous and threatening.

3- American Horror Story: Murder House – Halloween (Parts 1 and 2)

“The dead can walk freely on Halloween”, this statement was proven true by the fact that the victims whom Tate shot came back to haunt him, and a psycho dead mistress returned to mess with the family. The episode is incredibly fast-paced; it unravels several mysteries and storylines to the point where you’re unable to catch your breath.

2- Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Hush (s04e10)

Hush is a uniquely scary episode of Buffy; it introduced a group of well-dressed smiling demons called “The Gentlemen” who steal people’s voices and enjoy killing. It’s fascinating how powerfully spooky the whole episode is considering that no one speaks or screams the whole time.

1- The X-Files – Home (s04e02)

This controversially graphic installment finds Mulder and Scully investigating the death of a deformed baby when they discover a pack of hideously disfigured farmers who like to kill people. It’s still considered strange that an episode like this aired in 1996 on TV (especially on Fox) even though it’s nightmare-inducing.


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