5 TV Supporting Role Characters that Stole the Spotlight

There’s always a lot of love for the lead characters in some of the biggest shows on television, but what about their companions who don’t quite take up the most screen time, but provide a lot of laughs and enjoyment forcing us all to fall in love with them eventually? Here’s five of our favourite secondary roles – let us know who yours are.

Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

Stunning, hilarious and extremely intelligent, Felicity is one of the greatest assets for Team Arrow. Her love for Oliver Queen is beyond doubt, and she’s tougher than a lot of people initially give her credit for. Without Felicity there would be a lack of ease in getting confidential government files, tracking criminals and co-operating with Officer Quentin Lance – she’s essential to the group and ensures that everything that needs to get done, gets done. She’s not afraid to get right in the middle of the action either, tricking enemy Slade into kidnapping her and going under a variety of disguises including a delivery girl and card-counter.

Roger (American Dad!)

One of the funniest characters on television, Roger started out as the subject of ridicule but has in time gone on to become cruel, devious, crafty but oh-so-hilarious. As an alien he is forbidden from leaving the family household, and so goes under an array of fictitious personas to find out what life is like in the big wide world. The results are often fantastic and are so talked about, they’ve gone on to become major plot devices, driving forward storylines.

Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

Despite not being a presence in The Walking Dead comic books, Daryl has become one of the most talked-about people on the television series and is one fo the reasons so many fans continue to tune in each and every season. Starting out as a bigoted and horrific racist, he wasn’t someone that immediately jumped out as somebody to watch – many predicted he’d probably be shown the exit just as quickly as he popped up – but he’s gone through a transformation and evolution that shows off his more sensitive side. It also helps that he’s a total badass when equipped with a crossbow and his favourite mode of transportation – a motorbike.

Ben Linus (Lost)

Leader of The Others and a major resident of The Island, Ben Linus had an extremely reckless side that would see him dabble with danger and other people’s lives if it meant furthering his motives. He was expert at manipulating others and getting them to believe his lies, and even though he was one of the main villains for much of the Lost series, viewers couldn’t help but enjoy every single moment he was on-screen. His presence was essential for the show to continue being as mysterious and intriguing throughout its six seasons, and many doubt it would have survived without him.

Nolan Ross (Revenge)

Loyal to a fault, Nolan is the unlikely right-hand-man who does his best to ensure his close friend Emily doesn’t get herself killed whilst seeking out revenge against the people who have wronged her father. He can bring her right back down to earth on the common occasion where she’s going to go too far, and delivers some fantastic one-liners, adding a sense of humour to the series. Handy with technology, he’s another one who’s gone through a transformation – from selfish billionaire to loyal comrade. Emily wouldn’t be where she was today if it wasn’t for Nolan, and she knows it. They make a wonderful team.

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