5 of The Saddest Movies Ever

Sometimes we all need a movie that will just allow us to let it all out. Whether we’re feeling sad in our own lives and need to watch someone else’s anguish to let go, or if we’re cheerful but feel like watching a film that pulls on the heartstrings.

Here we’ve put together a short list of five movies that had us reaching for the box of tissues.

1. The Notebook

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. It’s a film that really has to be seen as words cannot do it justice, but if you are going to sit down and watch The Notebook, make sure you’re in a healthy frame of mind. It’s not something to view when you’re already feeling low.

2. The Green Mile

There’s heavy religious undertones as this adaptation of Stephen King’s serialised novel shows the now-deceased acting great Michael Clarke Duncan, commanding the screen and being put to death in an execution on Death Row. Afraid of the dark, we see every second of his pain as the electric chair is turned on as his character John asks not to have the usual bag placed over his head. It’s tough to watch.

3. Brokeback Mountain

A romantic drama that managed to push all the boundaries of what goes on the big screen, with both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal putting on fantastic performances. As Ennis takes a moment towards the end of the movie to take a look at the postcard, he buttons Jack’s shirt, mutters “Jack, I swear…”, and in just a few seconds gives every person watching a wake up call about love, loss and longing.

4. Bambi

One of the most famous Disney films of all time, and the infamous scene where Bambi’s mother is killed has both children and parents clinging on to one another, blasting the animated hunter who took her out to hell. It’s a scene that doesn’t get any easier despite however many years you have, so be prepared to calm down the children if you’re an adult ‘treating’ them to this experience for the first time…

5. My Girl

In a harrowing scene we see a young child die from an allergic reaction to getting stung by bees, alone out in the woods in a search for his best friend’s mood ring. Knowing that he dies on his own, without friends or family and in such a terrible way gets the tears flowing, and when his funeral takes place, his friend Vada gets so upset she runs away, spending her time at the weeping willow tree and reflecting on everything that has happened. Towards the end of the movie we hear a poem from Vada expressing sadness over Thomas J.’s death – it’s poignant and soul-crushing, but beautiful all the same.

So what do you reckon? Are there any really sad movies we have missed?

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