5 Lessons We Learned While Watching GIRLS

Millions of people consider the HBO show Girls as their one of their favorite TV series while many others completely despise it. Some people hated the main characters claiming that they’re selfish, while others relate to them on so many levels. Nevertheless, the fact that they’re selfish proves that they’re relatable because, let’s be honest, most people in their 20s are exactly like them.

By illustrating the ugly truth of people in their 20s, Girls taught us these five important life lessons:

1. Don’t entirely depend on your parents

Hannah’s parents cut her off financially in the pilot episode and she found herself unable to take care of herself and totally lost. Even though she had been out of college a few years now, she was doing an internship and still not being able to make any kind of money. The lesson is: be ready to start taking care of yourself as soon as you can because parents can’t keep providing for you your whole life.

2. Be prepared for anything in life

You can’t make a plan for your life in high school and expect it to happen exactly the way you imagined it. In fact, a lot of obstacles will be thrown in your way. This lesson was proven in the show by how Hannah was fired from her internship, her parents stopped giving her money, and she eventually had to work in a coffee shop. In addition, Marnie was also fired from her job unexpectedly and Shoshanna wasn’t able to graduate from college. These events can happen to anyone so stay prepared for the unpredictable.

3. Don’t be jealous of your friends’ success

Hannah usually becomes jealous and bitter whenever someone close to her is happy or successful in his career. This only resulted in her being uncomfortable all the time and fighting with everyone she loves. This shows that it’s always better to be happy over your loved ones’ success and to let it inspire you to work harder so you will be able to reach your goals in life.

4. Stay true to yourself and trust your instincts

In a season one episode of Girls, Hannah is asked to read something interesting she wrote. She was going to read something she has already written that reflects her own character and life, but instead, she decided to write something that’s deeper and more meaningful which the audience ended up not caring about. This demonstrates that being yourself and trusting your guts is always the best policy.

5. Being too self-centered is not okay

These girls, especially Hannah, are some of the most self-absorbed characters on TV. For example, the first thing Hannah thought about when her publicist died is what the future of her book was. She barely listens to other people and I doubt she even cares. To be fair, people are entitled to be selfish in their 20s, but only to some extent, because being that indifferent is truly ugly and will push people away from you.

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