10 Supernatural Shows and Movies You Can Watch On Stan

What to watch on Stan

Whether you’re into your sci-fi movies, supernatural flicks or both, streaming service Stan has you covered when it comes to content. We’ve taken a look at some of the best from the genres on the platform, and found some gems definitely worth checking out.

Here are some of our favourite supernatural shows and movies on Stan.


The Returned



A small mountain community is rocked to its core when several local people presumed to be dead re-appear at their homes, despite passing away some years earlier. Completely unaware of what had happened to them, the strange and ghostly characters come back in human form, determined to reclaim their lives, start over and do what it takes to live in peace. Soon though, they realise they’re not the only ones who were brought back from the dead, when a gruesome murder bears resemblance to the chilling work of a serial killer from the past.

Orphan Black



Taking the world by storm, Orphan Black tells the story of a girl pulled into a compelling and gripping conspiracy after she witnesses the suicide of another girl who looked exactly like her. Taking us into the mysterious universe of human cloning, the show features some incredible acting from Tatiana Maslany, Dylan Bruce, Jordan Gavaris and Maria Doyle Kennedy.


Doctor Who



This show needs no introduction. Watch the Time Lords battle to save the world from a fate worst than extinction. Hilarity sometimes ensues, and raw emotion comes through at times, but one thing’s for sure: if you’re watching the Doctor, you’re not going to get bored.

The Fifth Element



This 1997 film takes a look at what it thinks the future is made of, as a cab driver becomes the central figure in the search for a legendary cosmic weapon. Will Evil and Mr Zorg be kept at bay, or will the universe be in danger forevermore? A cult classic and essential viewing.


The Host



Seoul’s Han River has been housing a monster, and when it decides to let its presence be known it focuses its attention on attacking people in one of the most underrated thrillers in the past decade. Watch as one particular victim’s loving family do all they can to save their loved one from the monster’s clutches.

Stargate: Atlantis



Over five seasons we get to know a team of international scientists and military personnel who discover a Stargate network in the Pegasus Galaxy. Coming face to face with The Wraith – a new and extremely powerful enemy – they must do all they can to ensure the future of mankind, and it’s not an easy task.


In the Flesh



The show features a unique take on the zombie world, as we see the Undead being rehabilitated back into society by the government four years after ‘The Rising’. The story here focuses on one in particular – teenager Kieren Walker – who returns to his small Lancashire village to face his own demons and the pressures from society that come with being a member of the Undead.

Star Trek



What is there to say about Star Trek other than you must watch it if you consider yourself a fan of sci-fi? Ensure you tune into this incomparable journey for one heck of a ride and enthralling viewing experience.


Teen Wolf



Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and more star in a show that tells the tale of a somewhat awkward, loner teenager who’s attacked by a werewolf and turned into one himself. With the transformation comes the legions of enemies, but Scott must try and balance his out of control life as well as his new powers, whilst attempting not to be finished off by the Alpha that first bit him.

Flash Gordon



An iconic comic strip, Flash Gordon is here updated into a football hero, skyjacked aboard Dr. Hans Zarkov’s rocketshop alongside Dale Arden. The three of them are drawn into the influence of planet Mongo, ruled by Emperor Ming the Merciless, who plans to destroy the Earth after testing it with unnatural disasters. Flash must do his best to avoid the attentions of Ming’s daughter whilst uniting the kingdoms of Mongo, rescuing Dale and saving the world.

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