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The Telstra TV series of devices are special Telstra-branded and customised versions of Roku set top boxes for streaming video, which are hugely popular in the US but hadn’t been easily available in Australia until now. Aside from sticking their brand prominently on the front, Telstra has customised the box with entertainment apps that cover the range of Australian streaming options from Netflix to Nine. The popular device has been updated and upgraded twice, with the Telstra TV 3 the newest.

What Makes Telstra TV Different?

As a device that’s tailored exactly to the broadband network it’s intended to run on, Telstra TV is an incredibly streamlined experience to set up and use if you’re a Telstra Home Broadband customer. There’s no messing around looking for apps to install or settings to configure – the Telstra TV comes with everything you need to get streaming, whether that be Netflix and Stan, renting movies from Telstra Tv Box Office or catching up on last night’s TV.

What does Telstra TV offer?

The tiny little Telstra TV box hooks up to your TV and your home network, and offers a screen full of “apps”, like the Apple TV. These let you stream from a whole range of places on the one box – paid services like Netflix and Stan, free online services such as YouTube, the local TV networks’ “catch-up” services and sports streaming including AFL and NRL from groundbreaking sports streaming service Kayo Sports. You can read a full review of the Telstra TV 3’s features and see user ratings here.

What’s in the Works?

The beauty of a device like this is that new capabilities can be added easily via updates over the internet. If you were hoping that this box would also be able to record shows for you like the Foxtel iQ box or Fetch TV, you’re out of luck – this device is for streaming video only.

Does it make Netflix better?

Yes, it does! The Roku devices are admired for their speed and reliability at streaming Netflix, and Telstra’s versions are no exception. If you spend a lot of time on Netflix you’ll be especially pleased by how fast it is at skipping back and forth through a movie or show. However, there is no way on the box to change settings so you can use a “smart DNS” service like UnblockUS. If you want to watch US Netflix with it, you’ll have to set it up on your modem.

How much does a Telstra TV cost?

Priced at $216, the Telstra TV 3 is seriously good value – its closest competitor is the new 4th-generation Apple TV, and that’s a wallet-punishing $249. However, to buy the Telstra TV you have to be a Telstra Home Broadband customer. If you’re a new or recontracting customer on the larger plans, a Telstra TV box is included with a large amount of credit for Telstra TV Box Office movie rentals.

Get Telstra’s Broadband Bundle

Get the new Telstra TV 3 + $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit + unlimited data on the powerful Telstra network, which is the fastest NBN provider to stream Netflix on. Get it all for only $99/mth with month-to-month flexibility.

Contact Telstra

Don’t miss out on the very best broadband offers from Telstra. To get in touch with the Telstra NBN Broadband customer service team, simply call 1800 007 769 for a direct line to their call centre. Inquire about their Unlimited Home Broadband Plan + Streaming plan, in which you can get a free Telstra TV included plus other perks!

Original Telstra TV Roku Box Review: Features and User Ratings

Australians are now able to get their hands on Telstra’s version of the Roku, a popular media streaming box previously only available in the US and UK. The device launched in 2015 in the form of Telstra TV, and was later upgraded to a more advanced model unofficially called the Telstra TV 2. Read on to find out what all the hype is about.

Telstra TV Roku Box review

Is the Telstra TV for me?

If you’re signing up for a new broadband plan, this may sway you firmly towards Telstra. But otherwise, Telstra broadband customers that love their streaming video should definitely pick one of these up. It’s a brilliant little device that’s only going to get better as more services and features are added to it in the coming months. And for the hardware it’s built on, it’s a bit of a bargain.

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