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With decades of experience in operating Australia’s largest and most technologically advanced mobile network, Telstra is the first choice for those who want the widest coverage across the country. With so many people now choosing their mobile phone as their primary means of communication, reliability is everything – you want a network that just works, whether you’re in the heart of a capital city or out on a long, desolate stretch of highway.

Telstra’s mobile network was Australia’s first, and has evolved with the latest technologies to make sure that customers get crystal-clear calls and lightning-fast mobile broadband across more of Australia than any other provider. Fresh innovations such as HD calling became available on the Telstra network first, and their advanced data network regularly reaches download speeds that make the wired NBN look sluggish by comparison.

Completing the connectivity picture is Telstra’s innovative addition of Wi-Fi to their plans in the form of Telstra Air, which gives customers a huge open Wi-Fi network to take advantage of in order to save on mobile data costs. Leveraging on-street phone booths and special customer Wi-Fi equipment, Telstra Air gives customers gigabytes of extra data that doesn’t drain their precious mobile allowance.

Telstra Mobile Spring 2017 Promotions

Select Telstra Mobile plans now come with a Foxtel Now subscription! Starting October 2017, Telstra Mobile customers are able to enjoy a completely free Foxtel Now subscription that will last them an entire year. The offer is available for the L and XL SIM-only plans, as well as for the L, XL, XXL, and Premium phone plans. Select your Starter packs and start binge-watching.

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Though they’ve been thought of as a costly choice in years past, Telstra’s mobile pricing has become incredibly competitive in recent years, with large data allowances and unlimited calls available for a modest price that offers the unique value of access to the entire Telstra network – if you want the fastest download speeds and the best call quality, you’ll get it. Special deals are offered regularly, too – be sure to check out the latest news below for what’s currently available.
While you’ll almost always get better overall value on a contract – even a SIM-only plan – Telstra’s been upping the stakes in the past year with some very tasty freebies on top of your monthly rate. Through partnerships with providers like Apple Music, the AFL and the NRL they’ve given customers free access to unlimited streaming music and season-long access to streaming video of Australia’s two big football codes. They also have regular offers of heavily discounted tickets to movies, concerts and other events.

Telstra Mobile Review: Telstra

Telstra is most definitely at the front of the pack when it comes to mobile providers in Australia, boasting an extensive, blisteringly fast network that’s equipped with the latest tech to take full advantage of the current generation of smartphones. While it’s by no means the cheapest choice when it comes to getting your mobile connected, it’s hard to go past the sheer technical quality of the service.

Telstra Mobile FAQs

Telstra has been innovating in providing what the technical types call Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on their 4G network for phones that support it (among them, the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones). With one of these devices in a 4G coverage area, it uses the super-fast 4G network for your voice calls. The result is near-instant call connection and, when calling another person with a compatible phone, astonishingly clear voice quality. If you have a compatible phone and you’re on Telstra’s network, it’s enabled for you automatically at no extra cost.
Absolutely not – Telstra offers month-by-month plans that can give you unlimited calls and huge data caps. The monthly cost tends to be a tiny bit higher than contract plans, but gives you the freedom to change providers if you need to. Alternatively, you can get better pricing on a 12-month BYO-phone contract, or get yourself a shiny brand new phone on a 24-month deal. The choice is yours.
No need to worry if you can’t let go of that trusty old iPhone that’s served you well – Telstra’s move to a high-tech 4G network hasn’t left their 3G coverage behind. Telstra’s voice coverage is still mainly serviced by the 3G network, and the arrival of 4G voice coverage isn’t going to change the superb coverage and quality of it one bit.

Latest News

  • Telstra Offers Bonus Data for Mx Plans

Telstra’s Mx Plan Just Got Better! Sign Up and Get 5GB of Bonus Data

Telstra's Mx plans even get more enticing as there’s now 5GB of bonus data from the previous 10GB for customers signing up and managing their accounts online - all for $49 per month.

  • Get Samsung Galaxy S9 From Telstra

Upgrade to NEW Samsung Galaxy S9 and Get 64GB of Data from Telstra

This year, Telstra offers the Samsung Galaxy S9 with 30GB of solid mobile data plus unlimited calls and texts for only $79 per month. Plus, a phone upgrade after only 12 months!

  • Telstra Endless Data BYO plan

Never Go Over Your Data Again With the Latest Offer from Telstra Mobile!

Telstra's BYO plans just got better with the latest Endless Data BYO plan, which includes limitless data for video streaming in standard definition, web browsing, and social media.

  • Telstra Mobile Plans Bonuses

Check Out Telstra’s Latest Offer! 10GB Bonus for Select Mobile Plans

Telstra offers a great array of mobile plans to ensure flexibility like no other. On top of its flexible offerings, it now delivers a free 10GB data to select mobile plans.

  • mobile1

Huge Data Bonus with the Telstra Mobile Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit

When it comes to Telstra, consumers usually think about pricey mobile contracts. But the telco is also catering to consumers who like to stick to a budget. Case in point: their pre-paid SIM starter kit, which currently comes with a huge data bonus.

  • Telstra

Mx Plan from Telstra Mobile Offered at a Significant Discount

If you switch to the Telstra and get the Mx plan, you benefit from a significant discount. All you need to do is manage your account completely online. At $49/month for 10GB of data, that’s a pretty small price to pay.