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With so many different broadband plans, bundles and deals – for NBN and ADSL – making a choice between providers can be overwhelming. And that’s surprising, especially when you just want the internet connected and to know how much it’s going to cost. You don’t want to have to negotiate with a website to find an agreeable price for everything included.

Tellnet aims to change that by keeping things simple – really simple. Their broadband plans all feature unlimited downloads. There’s no low-cost “gotcha” plans where you use up your data limit within days, then have to pay extra or face a month of a slowed-down connection. You simply pick the speed you need with the NBN or ADSL, connect and go.

If you only need the internet for home use, it’s a refreshing change; Tellnet optimises their network for uses that need the most resources. Streaming video, gaming and other bandwidth-hungry applications get prioritised to help ensure the internet acts like a well-oiled machine.

No bundles, no hassles

For NBN users, you only need to choose from three different upload and download speed tiers when signing up. You can find the balance between price and speed that’s right for you. Regardless of speed tier, your downloads and uploads are unlimited. The same goes for ADSL, where the single choice depends on whether you’re in a metro or regional area – unlimited downloads for both, with nothing extra to pay.

Optimised network, optimised Netflix

If you’re a regular streaming TV viewer, you’ve probably heard about or experienced the annoyance of trying to watch a show at peak hour and it’s buffering constantly because of the load on the provider’s network. Tellnet promises to change all that, with a clever network optimisation feature. This identifies the stuff that needs the data to keep flowing constantly – Netflix for example – and gives it priority over the stuff that’s not time-critical (like file downloads).

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Nothing fancy here – just NBN and ADSL plans kept simple, available without contract, and at a reasonably competitive price.

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